Friday, March 6, 2009

DOB statement re: online building plans


"Over the past month, New Yorkers have had an opportunity to comment on our new development challenge process, including a public hearing today at our Manhattan headquarters. The new process will require architects and engineers to submit diagrams of proposed buildings and major enlargements so the public can view the size and scale of any development online before the first shovel hits the ground. Challenges to the Department's zoning approvals will be submitted through a new 30-day formal public challenge period, and our responses to those challenges will be posted online for the first time. To ensure adequate time to consider any public input, the launch date for the new process will be moved to mid-April."

“The Department of Buildings is taking one step forward and two steps back. While we desperately need transparency, we cannot put a restrictive time limit on permit challenges, let alone limit public debate on this proposal to a single hearing on a Friday afternoon. Bottom-line, this does not pass the smell test,” said Councilmember
Bill de Blasio.

The public has not embraced this plan, considering that is raises more questions than answers. This plan is to benefit developers and screw the peaceful neighborhoods where they want to stomp their footprint.

And LiMandri... well, it was interesting that the City Council bent over backwards revising the qualifications for Buildings Commissioner so that he could take over the position, considering he was directly responsible for 12,600 backlogged building complaints in the borough of Queens in 2004. I guess they have short memories...


italian girl said...

Yes, but does this new policy require that architects submit ALL the diagrams of the plans? Because if they just need to submit only a portion of them, then what's the use?

Anonymous said...

Dob is corrupt from top to bottom. You might as well ask Hitler to your next Bar Mitzvah.

Taxpayer said...

Limandri says:
"To ensure adequate time to consider any public input, the launch date for the new process will be moved to mid-April."

How transparent.

The corrupt moron schedules a hearing late on a Friday. Then, on the very same day, before hearing or reading any public comments, he postpones the "launch" date to mid-April.

This corrupt butt-boy for the Commissar is actually announcing that he will pretend to "consider" the public comments, and then go ahead with the idiotic process no matter what the taxpaying public wants.