Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Builder plans to be available online

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, Deputy Mayor for Operations Edward Skyler and Department of Buildings (DOB) Commissioner Robert D. LiMandri today announced reforms to the development process that will give New Yorkers a stronger voice in the development of neighborhoods, create greater transparency, and clarify the process for the public and for developers. New York City will become the first city in the nation to put diagrams of proposed new buildings or major enlargements online so the public can view the size and scale of a proposed building. A new 30-day formal public challenge period will be implemented to give the public a greater voice in the development process and provide clarity for developers about when and how a project can move forward. The Mayor was joined at the announcement by Deputy Mayor for Economic Development Robert Lieber. The new measures, which fulfill a commitment the Mayor made in his State of the City address last month, will go into effect starting Monday, March 9th.

Architects and engineers filing applications for new buildings and major enlargements will be required to submit diagrams, which will be available at www.nyc.gov. The diagrams will detail critical information that can be used by the public to determine whether a project is in compliance with required zoning regulations. The diagrams will include the size of the project, drawn to scale, and where a building will sit in relation to the street.

The 30-day public-challenge process establishes a defined and organized means for the public to challenge zoning decisions by DOB that they believe are incorrect, and will provide clarity and certainty for developers about when a project can move forward, and when changes to a proposed development need to be made. The current process, which has no formal timeframe, produces confusion and unnecessary and unintended costs for development in New York City.

The online diagrams and new challenge process will streamline the review of the thousands of challenges DOB receives each year – at no additional cost to the City.

More here. Notice how Board of Standards and Appeals has the final say. BIG mistake.


Anonymous said...

The stupidest idea ever. An insult to all professional. A "professional profiling"

Lino said...

I saw this press conference as a classic case of "NewSpeak".

The Mayor is hailing the reduction of public review, debate and contesting as a positive while truncating the appeals process.

Than again, what would you expect him/them to say: "We are taking away some of your rights in order to make it easier for a private industry to proceed with their plans" -no,, that would not go over very well.

Orwell and Mad Ave to the rescue.

I can't help noticing just a glint of fear in these character's eyes.

Anonymous said...

The Board of Standards & Appeals is a huge mistake in making the final decision. They hold hearings, supposedly listen to people opposed, and then approve whatever process is before them. They never visit or research the area in question and never leave their Manhattan office. Look at the Maspeth Cell Tower next to Frank's Deli. People signed petitions, did research, testified and yet, The BSA approved a huge cell phone tower on a residential block on top of residential building. The BSA is useless, unless it actually goes to the site in question and reaches out to the people who will be affected by these decisions.

r. s. j. said...


Anonymous said...

"Notice how Board of Standards and Appeals has the final say. BIG mistake."

That is a huge understatement.

Anonymous said...

BSA, known as "the board of rubber stamps", will run roughshod over any community they choose...
especially the ones that have been red-lined for years by the Department of City Planning!

This is just another jerk-off measure offered by the Bloomberg administration to lull, whom they consider the "outer borough dummies", into believing that they have a voice in what goes on in their communities!

You may voice your opinion, at those lame community board public hearings, then the BSA/developer team will tell you to basically shut up and go f--k yourselves!

Anonymous said...

Meet the
"Architect & Engineer Whisperer" Commissioner Robert D. LiMandri.

The "Dog Whisperer", Mr. Cesar Millan, is out matched by this completely unlicensed public official. At least Ms. Lancaster was an actual professional.

LaMandri has amazingly trained building professionals to play dead and stay dead with the use on punishment.
He has taught builders and developers to pee themselves on command and learn to walk on a choke collar.
And the best part, is that his whole buildings department is funded by fees from outrageous fines and unwarranted violations.

In ten years or less the real estate market and cities largest employer, the construction industry will see the extensive damaged to to the system.

Queens Crapper said...

Hey, check this out: "The man largely responsible for the quagmire in Queens is Deputy Commissioner for Operations - Robert LiMandri. He is aware of the Queens number yet has failed to take action in keeping the numbers under control."

Now he's not only screwing Queens, but the entire city.

Anonymous said...

Yeah and the City Council made sure he was in charge although he wasn't qualified. It's insane.

Anonymous said...

Bloomberg and his wealthy
builder buddies
have everyone on a leash from
the CBs, DOB, LPC, BSA...!

I'll use up the whole damn alphabet if I list them all!

Anonymous said...

Just give me a quart of Vaseline
and a few utility poles
and I'd fix their asses good foe "em
(hee, hee, hee)!