Friday, March 20, 2009

CB6 says no to McMansions

From the Times Ledger:

Community Board 6 members have thrown their weight behind a Department of City Planning proposal that some residents say will help to curb over−development in Forest Hills’ Cord Meyer area.

The members approved at their March 11 meeting the department’s plan to rezone the 32−block Cord Meyer area, which some Forest Hills residents said has been infiltrated by McMansions that are out of character with the neighborhood’s older and smaller homes.

Cord Meyer, once known for its Tudor-, Georgian− and Cape Cod−style homes, has seen a lot of change in recent years, with newer residents tearing down the old homes and frequently replacing them with larger houses and little or no lawns — a move Forest Hills resident Enid Brownstone said disappoints her.

Brownstone noted during the hearing that many of the McMansions built in recent years have been slapped with violations from the city Department of Buildings.

Pictured is Mighty John Young in action!


Anonymous said...

Wonderful, it only took 8 years. Not much left to save.

"Close the barn door after the horse........."

Anonymous said...

Damn, larger than life!!

They can make an Action Figure out of him.

Anonymous said...

Mighty John Young...NOT!

Anonymous said...

Cord Meyer should not be made into a `settlement camp. Buy a 2 or 3-family house instead-- that's how America has always done it.

italian girl said...

John Young is mighty busy these days. Check out how many areas around the city are in Public Review on the City Planing website. Up until last year it was usually 3 or 4. Now it's like 18 areas.

Thought you didn't have the resources, City Planning.

Anonymous said...

CB#6 is full of shit!

The crime has already been committed!

After the horse is gone they want to close the barn door?

Big help now!

Melinda "alley" Katz let the place turn to crap under her watch.

Then again, she got tons of cash from the Bhukarian invaders who screwed up the Cord Meyer area.

Now that real estate industry's slut has finished her dump...wiped her tookas...she's off to the races for comptroller!

Anonymous said...

Yep. This is an example of what all this rezoning activity actually does: it makes those homes that are already built more valuable--it enriches the greedy abusers who got there first by enforcing status quo. This also happens when for example they rezone one side of the street, as they have done with Austin, so the other side, already built up, keeps their views and sightlines.I do not trust all this rezoning activity. Gee, you almost think the pols are paid off. Could that be?

Missing Foundation said...

I have observed this guy very carefully many times and in many communities with his presentations designed artfully to mislead the public and lull them into a sense that he is there to help them.

Coupled with the local pol support and the media, to say nothing of the local community board, the public has almost no idea to think outside of what is handed to them.

He will mislead you with false info.

He will mislead you by not telling you the exemptions that makes his promises meaningless

He will mislead you by ignoring infrastructure costs (handled by an impact study .... later!)

He will mislead you by finding excuses to go quickly without careful thought (developers are at the door! he will say knowing full well the city council can vote a moratorium on development in a community under study)

He will mislead you by not telling you that variances will make your downzone a joke of swiss cheese and that downstream overdevelopment (the wall of construction between you and the city) will make your community all but unlivable.

Anonymous said...

young john is an asswipe lackey for the beast of burden.

Sid? said...

A bit too late . . . If anyone is interested in riding this out late term, it will be interesting to see what will happen to Cord Meyer in ten years or so. One possibility that intrigues me will be that these B. Jews, despite their supposed dedication to Judaic tradition, will experience the typical fractures, hybridizations and dislocations that earlier immigrant groups underwent. These homes, designed for another culture (possibly for another millennium on another continent), will turn into empty palaces as the grandparents pass away and the children grow up, go to college and presumably begin some type of mediated assimilation into American culture far, far away from their parents (aka the over-leveraged master builders) . . . of course, this is assuming that these children go the legitimate route and do not enter the family "business" or simply choose to live a responsibility free life within a modified gemeinschaft commune . . . I guess the parents could then sell the clan estate . . . .

Anonymous said...

These homes, designed for another culture (possibly for another millennium on another continent), will turn into empty palaces as the grandparents pass away and the children grow up, go to college

Exactly, then, like so many white elephants, become human barracks.

The fun in F H just starting. The sad part is those responsible, that could have stopped this with a public education program, live in areas already protected and will not be effected by this.

The real disaster is in another 40 years.

who don't like pizza said...

Why wait 40 years? North of Queens Boulevard already has become a ghetto where no non-Bukhabarbarian dare set foot into...

Anonymous said...

One of the first to be built on Burns Street is already empty with a For Rent Sign. You would not believe how ugly it is. Looks like a deserted Charles Dickens prison.


Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

John Young is a pathological liar. He eventually believes the shit that he's selling. The less you deal with him the better.