Friday, March 20, 2009

Beam above Bloomie is broken


Engineers have discovered dangerous cracks in 200-year-old wooden beams right above Mayor Bloomberg's desk in City Hall, leading to an emergency $5.5 million contract to stop the roof from falling in.

The complicated repairs are being made in attic space above the "bullpen," where the mayor and his top aides have their work areas.

Cracks in the ancient beams were so wide that metal trusses had to be installed to avert a possible collapse, officials said.

Work on the building, which opened in 1812, is expected to be completed by Memorial Day.

Damn, this could have been an easy way around a 3rd term...

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Lino said...

Why not get one of his developer buddies to work their "magic' on the site.

After-all it's too old, falling apart and a fire trap so... the new City Hall Condo- Office Tower. I'am sure Rat'ner or Silverblatt would be glad to throw in a new City Hall cowering in the bowels of their mighty redevelopment.

Most of Bloombag's other visions have fallen through so why not one more act of civic vandalism.

Taxpayer said...

Caused by one too many "Beam up the Commissar, toadys".

Anonymous said...

I wonder if he called up the DOB on this one...ha, ha, ha!

Anonymous said...

That crack must have widened when Tommy Huang was building his "back door"into city hall...without proper permits of course.

That's the way they do things in China & Taiwan...through the "back door" of government.

Grill ex Mayor Koch on this cozy relationship.

Read "City For Sale" and you'll get an inkling of what went on in the old days....if you've got a sound stomach!

Anonymous said...

Poetic justice if it got him. His corrupt inspectors facilitated my apartment's ceilings being dropped on me, thereby destroying nearly everything I owned as well as nearly killing me.

No one went to jail for that one or even compensated me for my lost property or being driven out of my home into my sister's basement while repairs were made.

Another tenant has spent over $15,000 in lawyer's fees going to housing court again and again while the corrupt landlord and his lawyer get last minute adjournment after adjournment.

Add to that: the destruction of a building on Newtown Avenue in Astoria a few months ago that tied up traffic on one of our main drags for hours, two additional dangerous building sites run by the landlord who nearly killed me, operating down the block from my near-death experience and within sight of the Newtown Avenue fiasco.

Let's not forget the building facade collapse in Harlem that trapped people in a pizzeria, the multiple crane collapses and the latest construction fatality where a man fell to his death from a building cited multiple times for serious violations yet was left active.

Maybe these grafters will be judged in a higher court where bribes are not on the table.

In the meantime, I expect to be setting up the polls at 5:00am next election day. I won't tell you who to vote for, but be sure to stop by.

italian girl said...

A total missed opportunity to get rid of Bloomie.
I don't wish death on the man. But a good bump on the head would serve him right.

don vito said...

"Italian girl"....
I bless you for your kind concern
and gentle soul with regards to your fellow man and death wishes.

But I'm Sicilian. That creature we call our mayor is just a common roach
spreading the disease of the wealthy.

Reach for the "Raid" can
and let us spray!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Don. I kiss your ring.


Lady whose livingroom ceiling was dropped onto her livingroom floor.