Thursday, October 2, 2008

WPIRA files formal complaint against Grandma Shulman

Looks like Grandma Shulman doesn't have her paperwork in order...
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Anonymous said...

If the Office of the City Clerk determines that Shulman has failed to register, she may be subject to criminal penalties, as well as a $30,000.00 fine. And, that's per violation.

There is an advisory opinion available at the Lobbying Bureau's web site ( which concludes: "It is the opinion of the City Clerk that all efforts to influences the determinations of Community Boards are 'lobbying' or 'lobbying activity' under Administrative Code Section 3-211 and those who attempt to influence the determinations of Community Boards must register as lobbyists with the City Clerk."

georgetheatheist said...

It's time to put this old bag in a nursing home. Or stuff her like Trigger, the horse.

history repeats itself ccc said...

the problem is she along with stavinsky think the own and run the queens political machine. the last person (manes) who thought like that was found at willets point with his wrist cut open because he was guilty and about to get caught. one can only hope history repeats itself

Anonymous said...

Thanks, good info, anon.

Anonymous said...

They didn't bag her for being her boss Manes' criminal accomplice
back in the 80s.

Some machine judge
will just give her a "time out"
if she ever gets close to being convicted!

So Ms. Bovine can continue chewing her cud in peace.

trigger said...

Don't put granny next to me George!

dennis the granny lover said...

What a hottie! Maybe she'd like to register to do some lobbying in my pants. Anybody got her number?

im back ccc said...

imagine claire and evan doing it in a pothole in willets point with mrs stavinsky watching what a sight that would be ! they would be screwing each other at the site where they screwed everyone. ah claire show your tittys to pinsky & leiber maybe you can lead the push for wilpons soccer stadium huh?

im back ccc said...

But if New York’s political history teaches anything, it is humility in trying to predict the future—even two weeks from now, let alone in November 2009. The last time we installed a mayor for a third term, the economy was prosperous and big happy things seemed within reach. During his third inaugural address, on January 1, 1986, Ed Koch announced he was going to vanquish homelessness, but mostly he cracked jokes and basked in the glow of a crushing election victory. Nine days later, the Queens borough president, Donald Manes, was found behind the wheel of his car near Shea Stadium bleeding from self-inflicted knife wounds. Koch did indeed build thousands of apartments in his third term. But he was also deeply depressed by the corruption scandals that swirled around him during those final years, and he left office in a racial storm. Bloomberg is a very different personality, in different times. But as he announced his decision last week, the tasseled black loafer on the mayor’s right foot pawed at the podium. Even Mike Bloomberg was nervous.

would be nice to see claire behind the wheel too

Anonymous said...

We've heard that Evan has been attending regular parties
in Wilpon's pants (pockets)!

Married how many years now
and this little Stink-isky has yet to produce an heir?

Maybe Evan is shooting blanks and can't make a man child!

But maybe he finds the $$$$
in Fred's back pocket far more exciting to pass up!