Thursday, October 2, 2008

Third time's not a charm

Bloomberg gave everyone a great example this morning of why he needs to go.

A reporter asked what's different about this crisis, versus September 11, 2001 (when Rudy Giuliani was mulling a third term). Bloomberg said in spite of the tragedy of 9/11, people "pulled together right away" and said "We're not going to let the terrorists take away our freedom." But the financial crisis is a global, long-term issue.

Apparently Bloomberg doesn't believe terrorism is a global, long-term issue as well. Imagine this ass as president?


Anonymous said...

In Russia, we also have term limits, and Putin made a mockery of them too!

Anonymous said...

"In Russia, we also have term limits, and Putin made a mockery of them too!"

Who are you, Yakov Smirnoff?

Anonymous said...

Not four more years! This city is done.

Anonymous said...

"Who are you, Yakov Smirnoff?"


Anonymous said...

Mr Wall street bloomberg inc. himself can only convince the sheep in Manhattan who are above the 75,000 to 250,000 a year income that read Murdoch's fox Wall st Journal.Some truths to keep in mind:
Deregulated free market capitalism, served up for public consumption, is the best thing since shrimp and cheese grits. The reality, however, is pretty clear. Deregulation is a proxy for greed and excess, allowing the hustlers to run their hustle unencumbered, in the light of day, and with the sales receipt in hand for the government they just bought and paid for, and these swindlers have the sales receipt to prove it. Unregulated markets give you mortgage scams, a polluted environment, and now a wrecked economy.The first fallacy is that what is good for Wall Street is good for Main Street, and that increases in worker productivity lead to wage increases. If that were true, then as Wall Street boomed, the average family would not have witnessed a stagnation or decline in their standard of living. Capitalism depends on making a profit, so they say, and if that means cutting wages, then so be it.
So no thanks Wall st bloomie and your already bad plans for the last too many years.No debt to pay off wall st debt from our money and fine print deals.

Mr. Angry said...

This guy is such an idiot. That's the best excuse he can come up with?

I hope he fails. I doubt he will since he can spread money all over the place, but if there's any hope for this city or country, he will fail and make a total idiot of himself.

Liman said...

I agree, we all have Bloomie fatigue. And it takes exceptional arrogance to arrange repeal of term limits. But if not Mike, who??? Every likely suspect reminds me of Dinkins or Beame. Hacks. Do you think any of them would stand up to the real estate interests? Seriously. I'd like to see some comments from Crappy's readers - which candidate could we get behind?

I don't see any I would trust. Bloomberg may be the least bad choice.

Anonymous said...

Obviously 9-11 was very much a local issue for NYC

G said...

We all know that the next mayor is going to be another extremely wealthy business man.

The Village Voice had an article on John Catsimatidis. I never read though because I forgot about it. I don't know anything about the guy...but I can guess that he'll be on the independent or considered for Republican ticket.


Anonymous said...

Those wall street types have destroyed this economy.

sure, give 'em another four years.

(btw, interersting he is talking about it now more than a year before the elections - I guess they need to keep the 'deals' flowing)

Anonymous said...

In other words Commissar,
3,500 lost WTC lives have $000.00 value when compared
with those of your wealthy pals!

What an amoral soul-less demagogue!

This kind of thinking is truly
dangerous folks and seems to be running parallel with the brigands running our country.

We'd all better make some wise choices come November or we're cooked for sure!