Monday, October 13, 2008

Term limit extension not a sure thing

Two weeks ago, Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg boasted to his aides that he would easily win passage of a measure to give himself the chance to run for a third term.

Council Leader Pledges Support, but Mayor Needs More

But now, facing an unanticipated backlash against a plan that was hatched with a handful of fellow billionaires and business moguls, the mayor is having to work much harder to assemble the support he needs to extend his stay in office.

Mr. Bloomberg and his allies have called influential ministers to ask for their support. They are leaning on unions to endorse his plan. And they are said to be pressing members of the City Council, through threats and incentives, to line up behind the legislation that would let him seek re-election.


Taxpayer said...

"And in a sign of just how confident he was, he flew to Europe last week, primarily for a series of events highlighting his international reputation as a titan of commerce."

"In making her argument, Ms. Quinn essentially echoed Mr. Bloomberg’s assertion that the global financial crisis demanded stability in running the city."

If the "global financial crisis" demanded stability in running the city, then why did he flee to Europe last week? To examine his secret accounts in the various European cities?

If Commissar Death and Taxes is such a "Titan of commerce", then why did he fail to warn at least New Yorkers of the looming crisis? He didn't see it coming? Then he's not much of a titan.

He saw it coming (as the Titan) but wanted to keep it secret so he could do deals (on our dime) to preserve his billions.

If he's such a Titan of Commerce, what has he accomplished in the last several weeks to prevent the crisis from hitting New Yorkers?

How did this Titan of Commerce rise from 65th to 5th on the Forbes richest billionaires while he was mayor on $1 per year and his money in a blind trust? Perhaps he was using his insider status to enrich himself at taxpayers' expense?

How did this Titan of Commerce get us into such a city budget crisis? How, in the budget crisis, does this Titan of Commerce find 3 to 5 Billion tax dollars to give to his developer buddies to seize land at Willets Point. Is it possible that his developer buddies are further enriching this Titan of Commerce with huge kickbacks? (The money for the kickbacks being your tax money).

So, the question is this: Exactly how desperate is this Titan of Commerce? How much will he pay to shop for desperate and ambitious but lazy city council members? He knows that as commodities, these members can later be sold to someone else.

Commodities like pork bellies.

Go ahead, Quinn and the other for-sale commodity members; we are watching your next move. You act. We decide.

Anonymous said...

Of course the city service's unions
will follow Der Fuhrer's lead!

Doomberg will "curtail" any pay raises for them if they don't!

(With his usual whine)
"The city will go broke without me and so will you"!

even the Gestapo occasionally employed more subtle methods of coercion!

Anonymous said...

Wat NYC needs
is a LEADER not a BOSS!

The complexities
of running a world class metropolis require skills beyond those of
a tyranical chain gang "boss-man"!

Anonymous said...

Spoiled little Bostonian
blue blooded brat/bastard!