Monday, October 13, 2008

Billionaires for Term Limits (Except for Billionaires)

At least someone's finding humor in the term limits situation:

As quickly as Quinn’s news conference ended, elected officials and a satire group, Billionaires for Term Limits Except for Billionaires, spoke out.

“As billionaires we are just not used to limitations,” said a woman who went by the moniker Anita Yacht. Another billionaire added, “we paid for three terms and we’re going to get them.”

Quinn backs Bloomberg's term-limit overall; "billionaires" rejoice


Taxpayer said...

“In these difficult times, I believe voters should have the choice to keep the current leadership of our city,” said Quinn, who was seen as a potential mayoral candidate before Bloomberg announced his view on term limits, which he once supported . “If voters are not happy with any of us, they have the right to vote us out of office next fall.”

What do "difficult times" have to do with any of this? The voters already made the choice - twice - that any elected municipal employee would be limited to eight years of employment.

No employee in NY State has any claim on any job beyond the employer's wishes. So, who are these self-important employees who are throwing a temper tantrum to stay beyond our stated wishes?

We want you out, so just go!

jerry rotondi said...

Oink, oink, oink!

The billionaires aren't satisfied
with two portions of power.

They now insist on feeding their faces with a third helping
while trampling all over democracy!

It seems to me that our "adroit financial expert" Bloomberg
should have seen this crisis looming on the horizon
(like many of us amateurs did).

We don't need an inept captain with poor navigation skills to guide us through NYC's financial straits
for another term.

It's time for a new master to take the helm of the vessel!


Anonymous said...

Maybe "hizzoner"
had foreknowledge but allowed the financial crisis to ripen enough so
that he and the thugs at city hall could employ scare tactics push their 3rd term boondoggle forward!

How's that for a "plot" scenario"?

Anonymous said...

I saw it coming at least three years ago like many left leaning economists.Does anyone listen to Ron Paul,or Nader?Too bad.Bloomberg never warned anybody thats for sure.

Anonymous said...

Hey Berlusconi's in town dropping mikes with bush at the broke white house.Berlusconi is what little mike bloomberger aspires to be with all the Italian media controlled by our visiting guest.

Anonymous said...

A coven of knaves...
Berlusconi, Bush and Bloomberg!

The three "Bs".

"B" as in bastards!"