Saturday, October 11, 2008

Stop the Comandante!

Banana republic fever: It's catching! Another word for it might be Bloombergism or the Bloomberg syndrome. Where a figure in public life suddenly decides he's above the law or above ethical considerations just because of his own greatness. Perhaps El Comandante syndrome might capture it.

The Bloomberg Syndrome Comandante Michael Bloomberg seeks to turn New York City into a banana republic. He wants to ignore two citywide votes for term limits—because (of course!) at the time they were passed, in the '90s, voters had not yet had the chance to contemplate the full grandeur of Michael Bloomberg. So far above the kind of mortal mayor the term limits were designed for that the ordinary rules shouldn't apply. So now, even though he's served the two terms the law allows, he wants to find a way to grant himself the power to run again.

Twice the voters of New York City voted in referendums in favor of term limits for mayors and other elected officials. According to the New York Daily News, Bloomberg supported it ardently both times. But now, suddenly, those limits apply to him, and he just doesn't like it. Or, as he disingenuously and utterly unconvincingly says, he's doing it for us—he wants to give us the opportunity to enthrone him once more.

...this mayor of mediocrity, enemy of trans fats who lets killer cranes crush people and buildings on a regular basis because of lax enforcement, the mayor who hasn't managed to get a 9/11 memorial off the ground in seven years (yes, I know there are other entities involved, but that basically says he's too weak to knock heads together and make it happen), suddenly this self-inflated suit looks in the mirror and decides: "The city cannot live without me."


Taxpayer said...

Banana Republic? How about Zimbabwe? This Dear Leader Commissar Death and Taxes uses Zimbabwe's Mugabe, Cuba's Castro, North Korea's Dear Leader, Venezuela's Chavez as his heroic models.

He has accomplished nothing useful for taxpayers in New York City. And he want to stay, without our permission!

This "brilliant" billionaire businessman never saw this financial crisis coming, or, worse, he did see it coming but saw how he could profit from it as mayor, so decided that he wouldn't warn us. Now he the most brilliant financial expert capable of preventing harm to his beloved city - oh, yeah! Boston is his beloved city. Well, if Boston were really his most beloved city, what's he doing here? Oh, yeah! NYC is where the stupid taxpayer/voters live.

Don't you just love all the overdevelopment in your neighborhood? The wanton destruction of homes to make way for imbecile developers' grasping for profit at the expense of your neighborhood, your schools, fire, police, water-sewer, parking, and all your other quality-of-life items?

Do these imbecile developers kick back to this imbecile Commissar?

He has made NYC taxpayers pick up the tab to accommodate his illegal alien servants for himself and his wealthy supporters. How many of you can afford a nanny, even a nanny who makes no salary demands?

Do you see a rise in crime and a decrease in police and police response? When you need a cop, the cop is probably at some chichi sports event, or, guarding the Commissar or his cronies, or guarding several of the Commissar Hollywood celebrities.

How are the schools doing? Are your kids' classrooms safe? Are they stuffed with "students" who speak no English, and never will?

Are your kids safe in the parks? Are they safe from unleashed dogs and dog poop all over the place?

How about the hospitals? The emergency rooms?

Can you walk safely through your neighborhood after dark? Do you like the graffiti on your garage?

How about getting a parking spot on your block? Did you notice all the out-of-state plates using all the spots? Are they ever ticketed? Do they ever leave?

In short, we don't need no stinkin' Commissar.

Dump him and anyone who promotes any change to the term limits law.

Anonymous said...

Germany once thought
that they desperately needed
Der Fuhrer to bail them out of a crippling depression.


It looks like history
is about repeat itself!

The severity of impending financial woes for NYC have been greatly exaggerated by Bloomberg and his henchmen!

They intend on using your fears to
ensure the continuation of their reign by extending term limits!

If you approve of this abuse of power then remain silent as a lamb!

But stock up on some mint jelly
garnish because you're about to be served up as the main course!