Saturday, October 11, 2008

SJU perv priest busted

A St. John's University chaplain was charged Friday with transmitting an obscene Webcam image of himself to someone he thought was a 13-year-old boy, police sources said.

The Rev. Charles Plock, 63, picked the wrong "teen" to e-mail his homemade masturbation movies, authorities said. The recipient was actually Detective Mark Michieli of the Adams County, Colo., sheriff's office, who pretended he was a youth in an online sting operation.

Cops traced Plock's e-mail to St. John's, the Catholic university in Queens, where he is a chaplain and youth minister.

When NYPD investigators showed up at the cleric's on-campus apartment in Murray Hall yesterday, Plock argued that he sent his X-rated videos only to consenting adults, a law enforcement source said.

"His face is clear in the video. It looks like he filmed it in his bathroom at St. John's, and he sent it to someone he thought was a teenager," the source said.

St. John's University priest accused of sending homemade smut to 'teen'


faster340 said...

You protect pedophiles but I am not allowed to be Godfather to my nephew because I am Protestant! real nice... This is what I told the Catholic priest after he told me this and I walked out of his office never to return to a Catholic church again.

italian girl said...

That is such a shame.

The Catholic Church is very hung up on antiquated rules and regulations not taking into consideration that most Catholics don't follow many of them any more.

Anonymous said...

I recently read an article that praised Father Harrington for being a visionary and a skilled fundraiser. His love of $$$$$ must have distracted him from managing his staff. If this pedophile priest is 63 God only knows how many students and kids he molested during his tenure at SJU. It serves Father H well I hope he spends the money in his cofers paying off lawsuits!

faster340 said...

All these lawsuits is reason I am sure that a lot of Catholic church's and schools have been closed. Can't afford to keep them open when you are paying for pedohpiles.

italian girl said...

faster, you hit the nail on the head.

And if they would only let priests marry, normal guys might actually consider the priesthood instead of gay or pedophile freaks.

Joe said...

Why wont the old fu*cs at the Vatican allow married priests ?

I went to Cathloc School till 4th grade this was never discussed.

(St.Leanards on Melrose St.
It was all crazed fustrated butch nuns back then).
...I asked "how come nuns and priests are never married" one day.
The teacher (nun) slapped me in the face then reached to a stick in the draw a chaised me through the hallways. I jumped out a window and ran home.

I was 6 or 7 at the time.
The next day the school was closed and all the ugly involved were hidden from the cops by the church.
Turned our many other kids were getting beatings (children of Gambinos and cops)

Anonymous said...

Father H must be freaking out, he always thought he and SJU were above the law. I can't see his pompous benefactors bailing out a pedophile priest.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they can move them all to the new dorm in Jamaica Estates!

Anonymous said...

Faster you hit the nail on the head again....

Who do you think is paying for all these lawsuits, the ordinary person who drops money in the basket at church.

And on the bulletin they ask you to not forget them in your will. HAHAHA Oh yeah they must be kidding right . FOr what... future lawsuits to defend peodphiles, its the same as dumping money down the drain.

My kids so to catholic school now but already at their age they realize the hypocrisy, they are so turned off that I am sure after they graduate they wont be going back.

Anonymous said...

And so St. John's
continues screwing the community.

First it was those damn dorms!

Now it's a real
attempted "one-on-one"
by one of their own "clergyman"!

Anonymous said...

Take a look at those handsome
Swiss Guards,
right out of central casting,
at the Vatican!

Where do you think all those
medieval and renaissance (etc.)"popes"
spent their private time?

catholica said...

I agree "Italian girl".

Let those priests marry!

Anonymous said...

These third world catholic white guys are a scourge on our freedom-loving democracy. They should all be deported NOW!

Anonymous said...

i went to SJU and knew father charlie very well. we went to dunkin' donuts together and he was a huge part of my four years there. although it isnt right what happened, as a female member of the media myself, people love a good story to blow up and exploit others. Again, wasnt right what he did, but if you dont actually know dont know who youre talking about, and you should really keep that in mind.

faster340 said...

"but if you dont actually know dont know who youre talking about, and you should really keep that in mind."

Apparently you didn't either or else I seriously doubt you would be hanging out with a man who sends wanking videos to young men!

Anonymous said...

After a priest sends video of himself jerking off - knowingly to a 13 year old - What left to know? Isnt that an editorial on his personality and the type of human being he is??? I think so!

Anonymous said...

"Father Pedophile"
broke a covenant of trust.

G-d will forgive him but
he should not be given a position of responsibility again!

Now he can sadly repent in jail.

Anonymous said...

What does being "female"
or a "member of the media"
have to do with your comment?

Did you toss that in to boost
the credibility of your statement?

We're not talking about a priest breaking his vows of chastity
(which are unrealistic and antiquated).

We're speaking of someone who's
in a position of trust who would have probably engaged in sex with
an underage boy.

Yes, it's a tragedy!

italian girl said...

I always find it interesting especially after shows like Dateline's "To Catch A Predator", you would think guys would be scared sh%* to pull something like this.

faster340 said...

I agree IG but it's a sickness. That's why rapists shouldn't be let out of jail, EVER. They are never cured along with pedophiles and molesters...

When it comes to that it's like a drug and all reasoning and common sense go out the window and nothing scares them at that point.

italian girl said...


Do you think castration would curb their urges or do you think it wouldn't make a difference?

faster340 said...

HAHA I was going to mention that IG and my wife would be all for that but I think life in jail with bubba doing him like he did his victim and possibly dying of AIDS would be sufficient punishment.

italian girl said...

That's actually a great idea but even if he should end up Bubba's little beyatch, he still will one day get out of jail. And probably even more angry and agressive than before. So wouldn't being castrated take away the urges?

faster340 said...

"he still will one day get out of jail."

That's still the problem. They need to give them LIFE without possibility of parole. But I guess until the laws are updated to 21st century levels and not from the 50's where it's still the victims fault castration would work!

italian girl said...

I heard that even in a community of degenerates like jail, pedaphiles are considered total scum and are treated pretty bad. But I wonder how a pedaphile PRIEST would be treated.

faster340 said...

"pedaphiles are considered total scum and are treated pretty bad. But I wonder how a pedaphile PRIEST would be treated."

That's true but we will never know because the diocese will keep him out of jail and in the halfway house in PA and then in a couple of years quietly slip him into an unsuspecting parish somewhere in east bumblefuck so it will start all over again.

italian girl said...

You know, that's so true. I didn't think of that. But if they allowed priests to marry, they would have more guys entering the priesthood and they could throw these perverts out on their asses.

I'm totally convinced most priests are gay or pedophiles. Wouldn't you think they'd have to be to enter the priesthood? I don't know any heterosexual guy that could deal without a woman for the rest of his life. It's not normal.

faster340 said...

It's a control thing. Just like confession. You know the old saying "knowledge is power" and the Catholic church is pretty powerful if you ask me.

italian girl said...

Personally I think the Catholic Church has lost a LOT of credibility in recent years. It'll take a long time to recover from all these scandals.

A Better NYC said...

Congratulations Italian Girl!

You've officially proven yourself to be the most ignorant, misinformed blogger on the site.

If your level of stupidity weren't so humurous it would be tragic.

italian girl said...

I take it you must gay or a pedophile.


A Better NYC said...

You prove my theory to be true everytime you post your empty thoughts.

That being said let me give you the opportunity to take back your statement that sums up all priests.

No one can deny the dispicable acts commited by a handful of priests. Even worse is the way the Church in general has handeled the situation.

The truth of the matter is that for every induvidual priest that has commited one of these truly evil acts, there are THOUSANDS of priests that have stayed true their vows and poured their blood sweat and tears into helping other around the world.

Unfortunately the media has a "slight" tendency to bring to light all the negative sides of the Catholic Church and never reports on the countless lives that priests have positively effected.

Your statement that "all priests are gay or pedophiles" is so ignorant that its actually embarassing.

Words to live by, "Specify the negative; Generalize the positive".

italian girl said...

Correction: You must be a gay priest. Otherwise why would you have been so offended by any comments that I made.

First of all, my statement was "MOST priests are gay or pedophiles". That's my belief. If you don't like it or think it's ignorant, then that's your problem. I went to catholic schools for most of my life and know a little something on the topic. Most of the priests, brothers and sisters I met were bitter, frustrated, angry creeps.

If you didn't appreciate the conversation I had with faster or anyone else for that matter, go to another post. No one was looking for your opinion.

A Better NYC said...

Surprise, surprise. Once again Italian Girl, you're wrong.

I'm not gay, nor am I a priest, nor a pedophile.

Let me try to make a point.

Here it goes:

I'm totally convinced that all Itlaians are overweight, garlic stinkin', leg-breakin' WOPS who are all involved either in the mafia, gambeling, concrete or private sanitation.

We both know this isn't true.

See my point...?

italian girl said...

Oh, boy, better nyc, you can't leave me alone can you.

"Here it goes:

I'm totally convinced that all Itlaians are overweight, garlic stinkin', leg-breakin' WOPS who are all involved either in the mafia, gambeling, concrete or private sanitation.

We both know this isn't true.

See my point...?"

See, you prove MY point. You keep saying ALL. I never said all clergy. But you're saying ALL Italians. Many Italians are involved in much of what you stated above, except of course me. And I know many Italians.

Why can't you just admit I'm right?


Kairi said...

My friends and I were talking about this greasy fatherf-cker at lunch today. We were also wondering why our effed up university used money to bail him out when instead they could give more financial aid to most of us students who are breaking our backs to pay their ridiculous tuition.
It's funny how they condemn gays, yet they have whole bunch of fags wearing the cloth. I'm glad I don't believe in all that stupid shyt. The catholic church really has to get their act together.