Sunday, October 12, 2008

Need a parking space? No problem!


I thought this might be an interesting photo for your readers. I took this picture this morning (Sat. 10/11/08) on 52nd Avenue off of Justice Avenue in Elmhurst on my way to my mother’s house. Talk about parking problems!

Jim Ng
Elmhurst, NY


Pepper said...

Truly embarrassing. Queens is overcrowded, and overdevelopment must be stopped. The more hideous, boxy apartments that are built on one city block, the less spaces that people can park in.

Anonymous said...

How'd they do that?

italian girl said...

I'll bet that blue car just kept the car in drive and hit the gas until he was underneath the black car wedging it under the SUV.

Maybe the driver forgot his crazy pills yesterday.

Anonymous said...

How'd they do that?

The same source as the carnage of Queens Blvd, third world drives and third world pedestrians.

Mancho men and the ill-educated and ill-accilmated rural types from backward societies makes a toxic brew for the modern urban landscape.

We are starting to get a culture with third world dynamics.

I am waiting for people to start falling out of rail carriages - kills hundreds in India alone every year.

Anonymous said...

The two people involved in this were born and bred in the US blue bloods.

Anonymous said...

What the Queens Crap?