Saturday, October 18, 2008

Reyna takes a stand on Willets Point

The property owners found an ally in Councilwoman Diana Reyna (D-Ridgewood), who spent much of the afternoon lambasting the city for its approach to the project and calling on the Council to vote it down.

“To me this is a public policy issue that we should be rallying around and making sure that this isn’t the precedent for future development in this city,” Reyna said.

Reyna also took objection with union leaders who testified in support of the project and the city’s agreement to use union labor throughout the project, accusing them of being hypocritical for not supporting the union workers that currently work in Willets Point.

“Where is the protection of those union workers? This is union vs. union right now,” she said. “I find it very hypocritical to be representing the future and not the present.”

Vallone blasts city plan as ‘wrongheaded,’ Reyna erupts, a Congressional split


Taxpayer said...

Reyna has earned the Official With a Spine award of the decade.

She's one elected official who demonstrated no fear in confronting the Commissar and his goons and then the union officials who will betray rank and file union members.

Good for you, Diana!

Anonymous said...

She sees the situation for what it truly is, and says so. Perhaps her straight talk can open the eyes of others.

Salvatore said...

yeah.. toooooo bad she supports Bloomies third term - hmmm....