Thursday, October 9, 2008

NY State poll results very revealing

The Siena College poll found voters in three of four districts polled, and in three of five districts polled two weeks ago, say property taxes should be their legislator's top priority in Albany.

New Yorkers focused on property tax issue

A Siena College poll released Wednesday shows a long-time Buffalo senator is trailing big by 13-points in a district with 2 to 1 Democratic enrollment edge.

If Sen. William Stachowski loses his, Democrats would have ramp up their aggressive campaigns to take out several Republican lawmakers to gain control of the Senate.

Republicans hold a 31-29 margin. Losing Stachowski's seat would mean Democrats need to win three seats, instead of two, to take the majority.

Poll: Democrats won't seize control of New York State Senate


Taxpayer said...

It would be a serious problem for the Republicans to continue their majority.

Loss of majority is pain.

Pain is the greatest teacher.

Loss would be a great opportunity for the electorate and the Republicans to learn a valuable lesson: Piss of the voters and lose your seats.

Are the voters capable of teaching this lesson? Are the Republicans capable of learning the lesson?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for another nonsense statement Taxpayer. How have Republicans angered voters but Democrats haven't?

This underscores why we shouldn't let Republicans lose Maltese's seat. Hand over the government to Sheldon Silver and everyone will lose big.

Anonymous said...

It is high time to send Serf packing. Any pol who spends the way he does in these times is a disgrace.

Anonymous said...

Many homeowners in NYC do not realize how much higher their taxes would be outside the city. But also, the city is involved in unconscionable give-aways to developer-builders. I have a group of hideous 2-fam homes near me that were priced at $995K and boasted of a 10-year tax abatement. WHY? Are we as a society supposed to be encouraging the tear-down of nice old properties to make way for sore-thumb abominations AND give them tax relief as well? WHY?

Anonymous said...

Surf and Addabbo are both crooks, I writing in the name Albert Baldeo

Anonymous said...

More and more Serf Maltese sounds and looks like what he is, a tired, old hack talking about yesterday. At a forum with Congressional, Senate. and Assembly candidates in Ozone Park this week Serf was the only one who had absolutely nothing to say about the current state of our country's economy and the ramifications in the State.

David M. Quintana said...

I attended the Candidates Night in Ozone Park that one of the last commenters referenced so let me be more specific about what happened there...Not only didn't Serf have anything to say about the current economic woes...nor had his staff informed him of the established ground rules that each candidate was allowed 5-7 minutes to give an opening statement..Serf - after showing up late - rambled on and on and on with his "bio" stump speech, this went on for approximately 10 minutes and he had only gotten up to the early 90's...He failed to give his opinion on any of the issues of the day...term limits, congestion pricing, commuter tax...absolutely NONE..Maybe he should send his aides to these type events more often while he goes home and takes a nap...he seems really tired and worn-out..!!

Lino in Manhattan said...

The eradication of the republican party in NYS is a long-term trend.

Among the reasons: The first wave of amnesty grantees under the Reagan 1986 plan are now becoming citizens, they vote democratic.

Second, the weakening of downstate rent regulations during the Pataki/Bruno era have along with aging, driven out much of the "meat 'n potatoes" types that somewhat ironically voted republican.

Here in NYC even moderate-liberal republicans have been turned out over the last decade. WNYC had a recent segment on the entire northeast becoming a "republican-free zone".

The republicans will remain locally viable catering to the remnants of horsey affluence in the upstate region but realistically, the -party- is over.