Monday, October 6, 2008

New Yorkers packing it in

Now that the streets of New York -- and America -- are no longer paved with gold, it's time to find the next land of opportunity.

New Yorkers seeking greener pastures overseas

A number of New Yorkers are already packing it in, seeking fortune or adventure elsewhere. Bankers are looking for the new World Trade Centers of Shanghai and Sao Paolo. Writers are seeking fresh opportunities in Dubai and Mumbai. And entrepreneurs are finding second careers in Taipei and Moscow.

Whether it be for temporary assignments or permanent job changes, the shrinking American job market is making a move abroad more enticing. Even Mexico City's financial job prospects are rosier than New York City's, job placement experts said.

Wait! Come back! We need to justify overdevelopment!! We're supposed to have a million more people by 2030!!


Anonymous said...

So it's not just the "wetbacks"
that are fleeing the big apple.

Some (formerly) high earning Wall Street rats are taking swimming lessons too so they can get away from the sinking Titanic PDQ!

Good riddance!

Now who's going to be left to snap up all those "luxury" condos still being offered for sale all around NYC (not to mention those rapidly mounting vacancies in LIC Queens
more closer to home)?

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you go go goobye !!!

Wade Nichols said...

This is another "man bites dog" story that the media likes to put forth, as if it's some sort of "mass trend".

Think about it: the majority of those leaving for overseas jobs probably: are young, not yet married, don't have childred. Sure, some married people with children are leaving the U.S., but it's not going to amount to a whole lot, and not enough to qualify as a "trend".

These types of stories are usually all over the NY Times. But read between the lines - it's usually people with niche skills - investment bankers, scientists, etc. Your average "9-5 Joe" is not going to pack it up and move to Dubai or China.

Mr Angry said...

good riddance indeed. it's people that came here and would pay anything in rent that drove demand and rents up into a bubble.

who knows though, give bloomie 4 more and I too might finally decide to leave.

Anonymous said...

Yes, read between the lines.Its not going to be a mass exodus yet.But its not impossible with the massive debt spending that bush has laughed about doing to this country.
We could only hope the shallow neuvo yuppie folks will leave by the thousands but i dont think so yet.
Oh, nice comment there about hispanic people.That doesnt really help your post.

Anonymous said...

Your average "9-5 Joe" is not going to pack it up and move to Dubai or China.

Nichols get out of your tower. There are a lot of blue collar jobs that are in demand overseas. Construction, transport, for example.

You really need to get out more and mingle with the hoi palloi.