Monday, October 6, 2008

More proof that crime is down

A 56-year-old man was found shot to death behind the wheel of his truck on a dead-end block in Queens on Saturday night. The police had made no arrests on Sunday, and the victim’s family suspected that he was killed for his gambling winnings that afternoon.

The victim, John Bazemore, a retired furniture mover, may have been playing dominoes for money at a birthday party before he was killed, Edward Jones, 39, a friend, said after visiting with the victim’s family.

Queens Man Is Found Killed, Shot While Driving His Truck

A man is fighting for his life after being shot at a barbershop in Queens.

Police say the man was critically wounded during a robbery attempt Friday night at Beverly's Barber and Beauty Shop on Farmer's Boulevard.

Authorities say five people were inside the shop when two armed men walked in.

One suspect allegedly opened fire when a struggle broke out.

It's unclear if the suspects made off with any cash before leaving the scene.

No arrests have been made.

Man Critically Wounded In Queens Barber Shop Shooting

Authorities busting a suspected ID thief in Brooklyn stumbled upon a possible terrorist nest full of al Qaeda news clippings, chemical manuals and weapons literature, sources told The Post yesterday.

Cops made the disturbing find Thursday evening after a landlord found the photocopied IDs inside the apartment of a former tenant on Classon Avenue in Prospect Heights and dialed 311.

The tenant, Hisham Khaleel, 35, had been evicted.

Responding officers found 13 copied licenses, all of which appeared to belong to customers from the Vanderbilt YMCA on East 47th Street in Manhattan, where Khaleel worked briefly as an unarmed security guard.

They also found news clippings about al Qaeda, literature on chemical purchasing and processing, an owner's manual for a Beretta handgun, a reference guide for modern airplanes, a video on rifle-shooting fundamentals and a sniper's manual.


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Taxpayer said...

What's the surprise?

Bloomberg practices theft on a gigantic scale, staling property from honest, hard working businesses, and transfers the property to his pals, but only after giving those developer friends billions of dollars taken from taxpayers for schools, fire, water, and police (the very folks who may have averted these low-life criminals).

The Commissar is, in effect, running a big-time, dangerous, street gang that uses the police for protection of the gang.

So, with that example, why should we be surprised that other street gangs would be out and about stealing, shooting, and killing with utter confidence that there are not enough police to do a god-damn thing about it. Where there are some police, they have been demoralized by having a criminal running the show.

Like any successful lawbreaker, the Commissar wants to be kept in office forever.

You can stop him.