Sunday, October 12, 2008

Let's landmark all of West End Avenue!

The Upper West Side is already filled with buildings that have been designated city landmarks, and is also home to seven official historic districts — areas where buildings cannot be demolished or altered except after passing stringent levels of community and official review.

But a local preservation group, Landmark West, is now calling on the Landmarks Preservation Commission to designate a new historic district, encompassing all of West End Avenue, from 70th to 107th Streets.

Seeking to Preserve West End Avenue

Because the Upper West Side doesn't have enough historic districts yet...Well at least Landmark Pest isn't trying to landmark housing projects anymore.


miles mullin said...

A classic example of the preservation movement - and society in general.

The rich - be it communities, or investment bankers, or communities of investment bankers, create their little world.

They know they have an ace.

The first moment when they are touched, they have a safety net. The government (read taxpayers).

Piggy piggy piggy. They get attention when they squeal.

But this no longer drowns out the groans of those in the background, the cogs that make the whole thing work,

They are getting a bit creaky.

The first step of a system about to breakdown.

Anonymous said...

Please don't ask for Queens' help
"landmarks pest".

You never return the favor!

razor back said...

Piggy, piggy, piggy!

Yeah... those pigs already have enough on their plates.

In Queens we're starving
for landmark designations!