Sunday, October 12, 2008

Jim's got the cash, but Frank delivers

Mr. Gennaro reported this week that he had raised more than $100,000 since July, taking his current balance to about $412,000. That compares with about $164,000 that Mr. Padavan’s campaign reported having on hand.

But Mr. Padavan, who was first elected to the State Senate in 1972, is considered something of an institution in the district, which includes several northeastern Queens neighborhoods, among them Flushing, Bellerose and Whitestone.

Padavan’s Cash Disadvantage in Senate Race

Mr. Padavan, who prides himself on getting things done in Albany, is considered quite popular in the 11th Senate District, even though Democrats far outnumber Republicans — by a ratio of 3 to 1.


italian girl said...

I don't think Padavan has anything to worry about. He will win in a landslide. People love him around here.

Cynthia Niles-Rumford III said...

Gennaro was a long time member of the Sri Chinmoy Meditation Center Church, Inc. It is a harmful cult whose headquarters are based in Jamaica, Queens.

Contributions from the cult to his campaign are on record.
Vote for Padavan, not the cult zombie please. Don't vote for a man who supports slave labor, mind control, sexual abuse and second class status for women.

James Gennaro is extremely loyal to the cult leader, Sri Chinmoy. He assisted the group to have their leader buried in his personal tennis court on 164th Street and Normal Road. This property was stolen from the City of New York, the cult slaves cleaned up a vacant lot and turned it into the Sri's personal private tennis court. They lied to the city alleging that it would be for public use. That is not true, only the people the cult approves of can visit Chinmoy's grave.

Go see it for yourself, it's surreal.
Get Jimmy deprogrammed.

italian girl said...

Oh man, how weird.

Anonymous said...

Padavan always delivers. And since his district covers both North and Central Queens, he has offices in both Whitestone and Bellerose. (Having 2 district offices probably also explains why his budget/spending is a little high.) But anytime you contact one of his offices, they follow through very quickly. There's really no reason to vote to replace him, since he does a great job.

Anonymous said...

Not for nothing, but I have met Padavan several times and he has the personality of a brick.

Anonymous said...

another something to think about - in NY State senate, seniority is everything. Frank is #2, Gennaro would be a rookie

Anonymous said...

Whoa, I thought this was QueensCrap not the "Padavan 2008" blog

Kevin said...

Padavan can only deliver because the Republicans are in the majority in the Senate and Padavan was always a willing pawn when Bruno wanted to screw the City. A month from now they will be in the minority and Padavan will be useless. Time for Frank to embark on retirement.

Anonymous said...

I am unconcerned about Padavan's personality, he is hard working, committed and he delivers, as far as I am concerned that is all that matters. I have seen Gennaro in action ,he will sell the senate seat to the highest bidder.

Anonymous said...

I can send a local problem to my three electeds and only one will take care of the issue for me. It certainly is not the one running to unseat Padavan.

Vote for Frank Padavan if you want to get things done!

Anonymous said...

Well Jim Gennaro made quite an ass of himself at last night's BFHA candidates night event!

The room was filled with signs
(and about 150 people) showing support for a Broadway Flushing municipal historic district.

During the Q&A period Gennaro
was asked why only ONE landmark
(a public school) exists in the
controversial Jamaica up-zoning
plan indicating fears that he would be an anti landmarking C.M. his response was that down zoning was the key (R1-2A instead of landmarking) to prevent tear downs and Mc Mansion sprawl.

B'way/Flushing already has R1-2
zoning...some of the best in NYC.
He didn't even seem to know this!

A 15 watt bulb produces more light than this dimwit!

Anonymous said...


Jim's great for RECEIVING campaign $$$$$ from Mattone and Kamali!

In other words "the builders' buddy"!

italian girl said...

"B'way/Flushing already has R1-2
zoning...some of the best in NYC.
He didn't even seem to know this!"

Even with that zoning, they've had crap spring up all over the place. I don't understand it. When a community overwhelmingly desires to be landmarked (check out all lawn signs in the area), why doesn't it get done? It's a joke.

As far as Gennaro. He came to my doorstep a couple of days ago looking for votes. He basically said the old man has to go. He just came across as such a phony sleeze.

Nikos Tanroussis said...

A party devided against itself cannot be stanging! Padavan worked with Julia Harrison, Giuliani with Ray Harding, Ognibene with Vito Tudjmella, and Serp with Semenoreo.

Anonymous said...

Did Gennaro ever repay all of his campaign finance loans from his first election? I seem to remember something way back when that sounded like he took the money and ran...