Wednesday, October 1, 2008

How not to publish a newspaper, part 19 (website edition)

The Queens Ledge has been having a lot of trouble keeping their dates straight lately. But this comes as no surpise considering that its publisher has a history of problems with numbers.


Anonymous said...

numbers shumbers.They would have to care I guess to get little things often correct.

Anonymous said...


A regular practice in the newspaper industry is to provide special interest advance sections for cultural, buisness and sports topics. My guess is these datelines were schedule for specific issues and moved up to an earlier issue without removing the dateline. Sloppy stuff - absolutely - small staff - little vetting - innocent? - yes, most probably.

Queens Crapper said...

That explanation might hold water if back to school were in October and the Octoberfest piece wasn't "scheduled" for the week it was finished.

Anonymous said...

They also don't publish on Saturdays.

Pinky Joel said...

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Anonymous said...

the moderator of this blog is perfect, God's gift to us mere mortals. bow in her (sizable) presence.

Taxpayer said...

"the moderator of this blog is perfect, God's gift to us mere mortals. bow in her (sizable) presence."

No wonder the futurist Sanchez' feeling are so hurt. He never had a date because he never knew what day it was.

So, now we find that the moron's fragile feelings are wounded. Aww.

I suggest he go back to grammar class and learn capitalization rules. But then, he'd have to have the capacity to learn and retain facts.

Anonymous said...

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