Thursday, October 2, 2008

Grumble in the Bronx

In 2006, professional home renovator Mayan Metzler purchased 3190 Cambridge Ave. along with development plans to enlarge the existing home that he believed were approved by the city Department of Buildings. However, they had been self-certified by an architect. Buildings had never inspected them, he said.

Cambridge Avenue neighbors lament developments' delays

“After I bought it, I wanted to redesign it a little bit,” he said. “And once the DOB were made aware of my plans, they said wait a minute, this is not really approved, and in fact some of the things that were designed here are not really legal. Setbacks that are not proper.”

The previous owner filed his plans as a renovation, presumably on the premise that he retained the original first story of the 1860s home. A Buildings’ audit of the plans, obtained by Ms. Olsen and provided to The Riverdale Press, finds fault with the foundation, side yards, building height, placement of windows, a cellar apartment, stairs and the size of the bathroom.

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