Thursday, October 2, 2008

Bayside 9/11 tribute vandalized

A Bayside woman said Tuesday she was outraged after vandals set fire to a memorial on Jordan Street that was dedicated to her son, a firefighter who died during the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

Theresa Mullan said someone had set fire to a wreath, picture and flag which honored 34-year-old Firefighter Michael Mullan sometime early Sunday morning. She said the vandals had also thrown the wreath in the gutter.

Mullan, who served in Manhattan’s Ladder 12, was one of 343 firefighters killed in the Sept. 11 attacks on the World Trade Center. The corner of 32nd Avenue and Jordan Street was renamed Michael D. Mullan Way during a 2002 ceremony.

Vandals burn Bayside memorial of firefighter killed in 9/11 attack


ew-3 said...


Thought Provokers said...

I'm not condoning the tribute "wrecker" but if the word vandalism means defacement of public or private property (m-w dictionary), was the 9/11 tribute itself a vandalism of the lighting pole or wherever they put it?

In technicality, these tributes are no different than "work from home" flyer being slap on public property, isn't it?

Let 9/11 be put to rest already! said...

I agree with Thought Provokers!

I feel bad that this woman felt bad, but it's completely inappropriate for makeshift memorials to be created on public property.

Especially since it's been YEARS since the death. 9/11 has been an excuse for some bad civic behavior!

Anonymous said...

If the street was named after him and there was a sign with his name on it, then there quite likely is permission from the city for the memorial.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like this fellow, Michael Mullan, dedicated his life to serving others and fell in the line of duty. Why should we put a time limit on remembering those that risked and gave their lives for freedom and their fellow man? Lest we forget. I can't imagine that this incident would come anywhere near what his family and friends have gone through since 2001, but hopefully the idea helps that the difference he made in the world will be a long-lived tribute in hearts and minds for generations to come - that won't be undone by vandals.

Thought Provokers said...

9/11 was an extremely traumatic experience for the nation, especially for New Yorkers. That being said, I don't think it'll be put to rest until the site is rebuild.

However, there is nothing in the picture to indicate that the memorial (picture taped to lighting pole, with flag and wreath) is city approved. I say, once the site is rebuild and proper official memorial is resurrected, there should be no more of this unofficial memorial. Technically, there are just sentimental vandalism.