Thursday, March 13, 2008

World's smallest deer at Queens Zoo

The news to hit the Wildlife Conservation Society's Queens Zoo is the arrival of Josephine, the world's smallest deer and Napoleon's new mate.

Zookeepers say this imperial pair took a liking to each other almost immediately, forming a bond similar to that of their historic namesakes. While Napoleon Bonaparte shared passionate love letters with Josephine, the pudu share more practical things, such as trees for shelter and greens for food. Hopefully, this pint-sized pair, native to South America, not France, will make their own history at the Queens Zoo.

With A Pudu, Size Doesn't Matter

These guys sound like they'll adapt well to New York:

Though the pudu is part of the deer family, it has extraordinary characteristics, such as barking at danger and even climbing fallen trees. These tiny deer, which stand about 12 to 14 inches at the shoulder, are excellent jumpers, sprinters, and climbers that can run away from almost any predator.


Anonymous said...

Yea, nice but did they have to get rid of the groundhog?

Oh I get it, the groundhog was American and these guys are from South America and, well we all get the picture.

ken said...

I like animals lots, :)
but these are a bit creepy.

Anonymous said...

I thought the Queens Zoo was only supposed to feature North American animals. And we have a great variety of those.