Thursday, March 13, 2008

Laugh riot in Astoria

Comedy has a new home in Queens.

The Astoria Comedy Club is set to open Friday at Mezzo Mezzo restaurant on Ditmars Blvd. - the only venue in the borough for regular comic relief.

The 75-seat club, located in a performance space on the second floor of the eatery, will be open four days a week for now and feature comedians from across the country.

Astoria eatery is serving up laughs

"About 10 years ago, all the comics moved to Astoria because it's cheap," said Matt Taylor, the club's host. "There's more talent here per square foot than anywhere, period."

Taylor's partner in the club is Andrew Moesel, communications director for City Councilman Peter Vallone Jr.

The two met when people in the neighborhood grew agitated over Taylor's guerilla marketing tactics and called the anti-graffiti task force on him.

"I originally met Matt when he was going around chalking on sidewalks, and some people complained," said Moesel, 26. "We reached a compromise where he would only chalk in front of businesses that agreed to it. Then he invited me and Peter to a comedy night."

The first act on Friday night will be Moesel's boss introducing his latest legislation. ::::rimshot:::: But seriously, folks, if anyone is interested in going and getting some freebies, e-mail me and I will forward you an invitation that was sent to QC.

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