Thursday, March 13, 2008

Drunken LICers make for rowdy summers

...detractors said when the sun goes down on summer weekends, trouble begins, particularly toward and into the early morning. An alleged source of disruption is P.S. 1, the Museum for Contemporary Art, which holds weekend events in its yard on Jackson Avenue. When they are concluded, according to this version of events, many of the celebrants go looking for further alcoholic consumption down at Water Taxi Beach and other places in Hunters Point. WTB gets the main share of attention because it can handle hundreds of persons at a time.

Water Taxi Beach Draws Fire At Special Board 2 Meeting

The complaints came mainly from workers at the Waterfront Crabhouse, at 51st Avenue and 2nd Street. They said that many persons, several of them barely qualified to drink legally, come up from the beach and into the restaurant to use the restrooms or to continue drinking. If refused service or told the restrooms are for patrons only, they often become obstreperous and present a problem for Crabhouse security personnel, the restaurant's workers, mainly women, told the meeting. One of them said she has endured incidents where young drinkers have come toward the restaurant "in droves" and yelled insults she described as "extremely vile" at her. She related being on a smoke break one night when one inebriated man tried to relieve himself in her ashtray.

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Dennis P. said...

Do hot chicks hang out here? I need a new drinking location.

kingofnycabbies said...

As a frequently drunken LICer, I have to object to the headline. Obviously, almost every single one of the sloshed attendees at the Water Taxi Beach version of a kegger are from elsewhere. Real LICers tipple closer to home sweet home, on Vernon Blvd. and Jackson Avenue, making it easier to stagger back afterwards to either blissful slumber or the rolling pin.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a bunch
of collegiate sopho-morons
taking their spring break
on a Florida beach !

Could be those bridge & tunnel
art/fart groupies come to slum a little
on the sand!

Anonymous said...

You can see these artsie/fartsie wannabees
pouring down both stairways
of the Court House Square stop on the #7 train
in droves every weekend to drink, dance,
piss and puke all over LIC!

MOMA allows this
at their lesser PS #1 affiliate "museum".

at their primo 53rd Street digs in Manhattan!

Matisse doesn't mix well with Margaritas
and brainless 20 + year old thrill seeking maidens.

you wanna watch out for yourselves girls.

Don't stand too long in front of the
Court Square Diner.
Some "john" might mistake you for a hooker
in that popular pick up spot!

So they pack those youthful drunks
off to Queens!

Anonymous said...

Typical LIC hi rise types. This is a place to meet mate and move. Not to put down permanent roots like the people they are forcing out.

A demographic that is a polticians' dream.

Yup, they have been fed the crap that the old community is garbarge so long (look at that popular Place in History booklet that shows LIC as a heap of scrap) they now believe it.

Yes, Hunters Point is a nice place to use a latrine. Afterall, they regard us long term residents as shit and our community as crap.

So they are acting out.

Like downtown Flushing, another community trashed by newcomers.

Of course the newspapers, which serves the real estate interets as little more than a tout sheet rather than the community, honks how these elements 'revitalize' neigbhorhoods.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like QueensWest and LiQuity readers to me.

Anonymous said...

"LiQuity ".....
sounds like some sort of prescription suppository
to relive anal itch or maybe a patent cough elixir !

Anonymous said...

I guess that this is the high rise version
of suburban drinking parties
and some wild weekend wife swapping !

If you live in one of these cheesy "luxury" dorms
in the middle of "nowheresville".....
I suppose you've got to find some respite!

Anonymous said...

It's all so parochial.....anything but sophisticated....
like these "newbies"would have us believe !

Anonymous said...

These people are the reason why I am installing surveillance cameras outside my home. Last year we were constantly awakened to the sound of drunk idiots crashing into our garbage cans while pissing on my house.

God help the drunken hipster/yuppie dickwad who tries to piss on my stoop this summer on his way back to his tin tower.

We also bought new Louisville sluggers.:)

Anonymous said...

Another 'incentive' for the long term residents to flee.

Which is what is expected of them.

Anonymous said...

Understand police protection in that area is lacking and everyone is expecting a major crime sooner or later.

Of course, like the parks and so many other amenities, they will be withheld and only given to the community when development (read the 'right' people) goes in.

Anonymous said...

What good are surveillance cameras? Do you get off on watching that sort of thing? I hope you don't think you will be able to start a police investigation.

Anonymous said...

Technique # 2....
lacking police protection
(a deliberate decision by the precinct's "brass") .

One of many used to hollow out a neighborhood
in preparing it for over development.

All with the blessings of CB#1....
the community board from hell!

Anonymous said...

If you live in one of these cheesy "luxury" dorms
in the middle of "nowheresville".....
I suppose you've got to find some respite!

I like the cheezy "lux" term - those places are tiny and well all sheetrocked and tend to attract singles. Hey they need to blow off steam after all they realize they paid too much and need to drown thier sorrows by falling into the East River, hopefully one night.

Anonymous said...

What good are surveillance cameras? Do you get off on watching that sort of thing? I hope you don't think you will be able to start a police investigation.

Yeah, I get off on it. I also get off on protecting my property. Oh, and I also get off on my kids being woken up at 3am because grown ass adults can't hold their liquor, literally.

As for starting a police investigation, that, my new LIC neighbor, will not happen. The 108 (precinct) aka Retirement Village, doesn't do a damn thing when you call them. Livign here all my life, I know this to be a fact.

Besides, I'm all for vigilantism. You think you have the right to deface my property with bodily fluids, then I believe I have a right to deface you.

Anonymous said...

That's my point. If you are not taping it for the police, then who are you taping it for? Just warning you not to waste your time. The police will not respond to a weak bladder, but trust me they will be there in force when you beat up a drunk guy for peeing on your lawn. Unfortunately it will be you going off to jail for assault not the drunk. Definately recommend another strategy.

Anonymous said...

The point of the cameras is really to try and let these people know that the "invisibles," aka the people who have lived here their entire lives, demand the same respect for their property as they would. I'm sure their parents would have frowned upon them peeing on their neighbor's home back in Osh Kosh, or Wichita, or DeMoines. Coming to NYC is no excuse to become an animal. We have enough of those here already. If it's possible to start a police investigation, that would be great. But like I said before, we have the 108, the precinct that responds to any and all calls within a 4 hour time frame.

Also, I would never start the fight. When I come out of my house to yell at the animal(s) and they throw the first punch with their enormous beer muscles (trust me, I know what I'm talking about–a very similar situation happened to my neighbors last winter, when one of these bozos was trying to get into their house because he was so drunk, he thought it was his apt. building) and I defend myself, then we'll see what happens. But I do appreciate your concern.

Anonymous said...

I'll pay a bounty of $1
for each "snot rocket"that any bartender
is willing to blow into some hipster's
pina colada!

Anonymous said...

Why do these types find it cool to live in run down neighborhoods?