Thursday, March 13, 2008

Pinky copping a plea

A New York City councilman accused of rape is close to a deal with prosecutors to avoid jail in return for his resigning from office, seeking alcohol abuse treatment and apologizing to the victim, according to two people familiar with the negotiations.

Councilman Accused of Rape Is Said to Be Close to Plea Deal

The councilman, Dennis P. Gallagher, a Queens Republican, was initially charged with raping a woman in his campaign office in Middle Village in July after they met in a nearby bar. Mr. Gallagher, who is married and the father of three children, acknowledged a sexual encounter but said that it had been consensual.

A sticking point earlier in the plea discussions was whether Mr. Gallagher would be required to register as a sex offender. No such requirement is in the current proposed resolution of the case, according to one of the people familiar with the negotiations.

It sounds as though Mr. Pink is getting off easy. I guess someone at the DA's office put in a good word for her former boss. Expect to see action on Monday.

Funny how the man who steadfastly maintained his innocence this whole time will now admit he is guilty of getting drunk and abusing a woman and basically get away with it because he has an elected office to use as a bargaining chip.


Connie R said...

".....apologizing to the victim"? What kind of justice is that? That piece of shit should rot in jail!

Anonymous said...

I'll bet Pinky's victim is in the process
of finding herself the greatest
contingency lawyer (with saber teeth)
she can find and chew that raping SOB
of a councilman's ass off!

D.A. Brown clearly threw the case!
That sawed off little runt!

If Gallagher were a ghetto kid
his testicles would be hanging from the courthouse!

Anonymous said...

And what does Phil Ragusa have to say
about his Republican rapist pol/pal ?

Your party is finished after this travesty!

Anonymous said...

Who will become the new Councilmen when Gallagher resigns?

Will the post remain unfilled until the next election in 2009?

The worst that can happen is that nothing will get done for Maspeth/Middle Village - pretty much status quo since Pinky assumed office.

Despite my comment this is a serious question. I haven't seen a replacement plan in any news articles I have read.

Queens Crapper said...

As I understand it, Bloomberg will call for a special election to take place within 2 months of the resignation.

ken said...

we've given these political hubbubs a chance. Now how about electing an ordinary, everyday resident for office, with real ties to the communities in question.

-Joe said...

Justace....No more justace system in this country. Its now called a legal system and its bullsh*t.

Some punishment since this guy was finished as a politician anyway.
D.A. Brown should be investigated as well this sentence was no doubt rigged.
What a filthy bunch of whores I wonder how much "bag money" and favors were involved this time

Anonymous said...

The JPCA executive board should put a candidate up for the coming Special Election.

Anonymous said...

Now wouldn't that be justice. The pink pig used his time, energy and resources over the past 2 years to malign all of them.

Anonymous said...

Big Deal - He gives up his position. He is term limited anyway. His job ends next year. Do you think this is really punishment? I don't think so. Maybe he should do community service in a women's shelter, so he can atone for his sins and actually help women instead of take advantage of them. What a travesty! He walks away with a slap on the wrist. If he was an ordinary citizen, he would have been in jail already. Talk about corruption in the courts!

Taxpayer said...

Why apologize to the victim of his violence? If he never raped her, why apologize?

If the sex was consensual as the pig insists, what's to apologize for? That the dwarf is as creep at sex as he is as a politician?

What is DA Brown thinking about? The debts he owes to the Republicans?

Jail this dwarf sized turd in the cell with Spitter and Bubba. Let the three of them play all day!

philly said...

goodbye pinky, goodbye pinky, goodbye pinky we love to see you go.
how does it feel to be humiliated, disgraced and laughed at mr. gallagher?
you sir are the biggest joke around the neighborhoods.
if you had any self-respect you would take up your dysfunctional family and move.

Beavis & Butthead said...

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Anonymous said...

Now he's free to rape another!

Anonymous said...

I heard Evan has already offered him a job at Parkside!