Thursday, March 13, 2008

Builder crushed to death in Brooklyn

A construction worker was crushed to death Wednesday at a Brooklyn job site - leaving a building owner and an engineer facing a criminal investigation, officials said.

Construction worker crushed to death at Brooklyn job site

Department of Buildings officials said a foundation wall of a house at 795 Glenmore Ave. in East New York collapsed about 9:30 a.m. after it was undermined by excavation work for a new house at an adjacent lot.

Louro Ortega, 30, of Queens, who had been on the job just two days, was partially buried by rubble and died about an hour later at Brookdale University Hospital, police sources said.

William Lattarulo, 62, who owns both the house and the lot next-door, was cited for multiple code violations, officials said, including working with a building permit that had expired two days earlier.

Photo from NY Times


Anonymous said...

Score another one
for Commissioner Lancaster and her corrupt DOB.

How do you sleep at night Pat ?

And is this just a minor incident along the road of
"Plan New York 2030 " Mayor Dumb-berg?

Anonymous said...

Are we sure that this was an accident? When they built the pyramids, they used to use people as grease to help move the stones.
Considering that its most probable that this person was slave labor(just like the pyramid builders)could it be they used him as grease???

Taxpayer said...

Pat Lancaster found it was too late to arrest Ortega, inasmuch as he was killed, so, she will extract the fine from his widow and children.

See, Lancaster wants to stop these killings. Punishing those killed will be a lesson.

How about that, Commissar, for another revenue stream?

And, let's not question Ortega's immigration status. He took a job that no citizen would take.

Anonymous said...

It looks from the outstanding ECB violations that someone at the DOB should be facing criminal charges.

Anonymous said...

How is dob so corrupt when so many violations were given.
It seems the dob employee is doing his/her job. They get nothing in return but negative publicity. When are these anonymous ignorant commentators going to realize the cop on the beat, the fireman, the building inspector are not the ones to blame, it's the policy makers and legislators.
Along with the greedy dishonest contractors and owners there you have it, simple you morons.
Maybe they are "anonymous"

Anonymous said...

Moron you say. Simple you say. All reflected in your post.

Is that you Pat?

Anonymous said...

My father has been friends with the owner of this property for 56 years..the man wouldn't hurt a fly. How dare you say that he used Mr. Ortega as grease!