Thursday, March 13, 2008

Next gov equates lobbyists with whores

From NY Mag: ballsy reporter asked, "have you ever patronized a prostitute?" Paterson thought for a minute. "Only the lobbyists," he said.

David Paterson: ‘The Only Whores I Know Are Lobbyists’


Let's book this guy at Mezzo Mezzo.


Anonymous said...

Wow, I am liking the guy already.

Hopefully he doesn't patronize any of the skanky, diseased and corrupted ho's from the Darkside group, cause I'd rather see him fixed up with Kristen.

Anonymous said...

Even better, when asked about being the first black Gov, he could have said "what? I'm black?"

Roadt Beef Jackson said...

Ah I remember this guy now!!
He was one of demonstrators and organized by Al Sharpton around the Amadou Diallo case.
He was arrested for fighting with cops then claimed he accidentally stumbled into the center of the brawl because he couldnt see.
The Dinkins appointed judge baught it to !!!

Reminds me of that so called mafia boss in Manhatten who walks around in pajamas talking to parking meters.

This guys going to be worse then Dinkins, He wants illegal immigrints to vote in local elections and receive social securiety. The mayor is already offering him assistance.
All the 2nd and 3rd generation New Yorkers are F*CKED !!!
This guys going to be worse then Mario Coumo, Spitzer and Sharpton combined


Taxpayer said...

He's personable, humorous, low-keyed, relaxed and approachable.

And, dangerously liberal. He pushed for a law to force cop in NY State to shoot to injure, not kill. Any officer whose shot killed? Well, there's always the trial.

He pushed for a law to give non-citizens (illegal aliens) the right to vote.

Let's see how he stands on driver's licenses for illegal aliens.

Admire his personality at your peril.

Can you identify his transition advisors? Will you sleep nights knowing who's pushing his buttons, and what buttons he likes having pushed?

Anonymous said...

Lets listen to the rascist, neo-cons of this blog bash the soon to be Governor before he has served even one day in office.
Why do you guys even fake it? Just put on your hood and sheet and hang a noose from a tree in Forest Park.

Anonymous said...

I have been recommending this blog to everyone for months and now I'm sorry and ashamed to see the white hoods come out. I really should say you shamed yourselves.

Anonymous said...

:::: I'm sorry and ashamed to see the white hoods come out.::::

Yawn...someone wake me when the tweeders have left. Criticism of the actions of someone in office is not racist. Criticizing a black elected official is not racist. Not doing so because he is black is racist.

Anonymous said...

Off to a great start Lt. Gov. Paterson! Right on !

If lobbyists are whores then Parkside's Evan Stavisky must have one hell of a sore asshole!

Anonymous said...

I'm tired of hearing about that
DIVISION in politics between so called
"Black" and "White" candidates.

and just another application of that old southern
"separate but equal" racist system of segregation....
this time in the political arena. !

Choose your candidates on the basis of
their qualifications and nothing else.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry all of you (ahem) "Negro" bashers.

If clubhouse politics manages to corrupt Patterson
he'll be sure to turn "White" as snow.

Now is everybody happy?

Anonymous said...

Not so fast - he want's to empty the jails of those locked up under Rockefeller drug laws - ohhhhh - too harsh for selling crack to to children?

Look - to those coming out of the woodwork to blast postings like this - please don't use the racist angle - performance in office is what it is all about - doing what is best for us citizens in Queens is at the top of the list. Gov Patterson is surely superior morally than Spitzer sleeze - but don't forget Gov. Patterson will be judged on performance for all NYS citizen - not a select color group. Can he move beyond the failed clueless Dinkins approach - time will tell.

Taxpayer said...

"Anonymous said...
Lets listen to the rascist, neo-cons of this blog bash the soon to be Governor before he has served even one day in office.
Why do you guys even fake it? Just put on your hood and sheet and hang a noose from a tree in Forest Park."

Let's now listen to the Imperial Black Wizard try to convert routine criticism of a politician who is black into racist comments.

Sorry, Wiz, if the white KKK is stupid, so is the Black KKK. The Black KKK is just a newer racist group.

To avoid criticizing any black politician is racist. The underlying assumption is that blacks are unable to defend themselves against criticism because they are a disadvantaged, stupid people.

You want to play in the political sandbox?, learn to take criticism.

The ideal time to criticize any politician is BEFORE he takes office, not after, when the damage is underway. When were you born?, Wizard?

Your delicate sensitivities are boring, Wizard.

The answer to the question of who is advising Paterson? Sharpton, Dinkins, and Bill Lynch, the former deputy mayor under David Dinkins.

Now, isn't that a set of real sterling citizens? The hero of Tawana Brawley; the hero to the Korean community and his deputy.

The roller coaster is rolling. Hold tight.

Anonymous said...

some still seem to live a black and white
(or should I say "Black" versus "White") existence
amid the world of Technicolor.

You "pure bred" throwbacks belong to a past century!

KG2V said...

I'm extremely conservative, and white as a sheet, but I say "I'll judge him on what he does" - That said, based upon some of his previous stances, I'm not too hopeful. Thing is, people WILL act differently on the outside an on the inside.

Like I said - I'll judge him by what he does, and it'll be hard to do worse than Spitzer - who acted like a king, even when he was AG