Friday, March 14, 2008

In search of a name

Why not continue with this week's animal theme? There's a contest to name this Prospect Park newcomer.

This little joey is Brooklyn-born and bred, but its species is native to Australia. Our zookeepers are still waiting to see whether this little one is male or female, so our only word of advice is to keep the name unisex.

Name this Brooklyn kangaroo


Anonymous said...

Jo Jo's a perfect name for a guy or gal from Brooklyn!

Anonymous said...

I would name it "Summons" after the Department of Finance's parking violations hearing unit which has always been a kangaroo court, but I like the kangaroo.

ken said...

I second "Jo Jo."

Anonymous said...

How about "Tastes like chicken" ?

Anonymous said...

Name the little 'roo it after its father, Dennis Gallagher.

Apparently, pinky will f$%@ just about anything!