Saturday, March 15, 2008

Simple math in Sunnyside

49-07 43rd Avenue in Sunnyside. Get this: TOTAL RESIDENTIAL UNITS = 15, TOTAL PARKING UNITS = 7. TOTAL CRAP = 100%.


Anonymous said...

Isn't this in the distrit of Team Gioia and CB2, that have us the massive displaement in LIC?

If Con Ed is doing such a poor job, how an they build something like this in thier district and still remain credable with the public?

Oh I get it, the newspapers not fulfill their obligation to the public but exposing this, but will look the other way as they accept real estate ads.

Anonymous said...

Yes, this is built on a block that was affected by the Queens blackout of 2006. Yes, it's in Gioia's district. I don't know what was there before; this was already under construction when I moved to the area in 2005.

Anonymous said...

Why is it total crap. Not counting the ground floor, there are 5 floors. Assuming 3 apartments per floor would give you 15 apartments. They would be small, and probably a few studios since the one side of the building has no windows, and most likely the other side doesnt you are limited to what you can do. The math isnt crap. AND there is a garage...7 spots isnt that many.... you can probably easily fit 7 cars in the basement of the building.

Not saying its a nice building, just saying the math looks about right.