Friday, March 14, 2008

Spitzer pimp's humble Queens Crap start

Mark Brener, the pimp whose prostitute ring ultimately brought down Gov. Eliot Spitzer, lived and started his illicit business in locations across Queens, including addresses in Forest Hills, Kew Gardens Hills, and possibly an apartment in Middle Village.

Spitzer Pimp’s Roots Grow Through Queens Nabes

Yeung said that she immediately began to notice strange activity at the apartment, including various men who would stop by to pick up manila envelopes.

One evening, Yeung heard a woman screaming from inside the apartment, and her son was able to peer inside and saw two men standing over Chen Liang Hui and beating her. The landlord also regularly saw Hui standing at the downstairs front door in a nightgown or robe greeting different men.

Sometimes they would arrive before Hui could open the door for them and would mistakenly ring the landlord's doorbell. When the landlord questioned Cheng and Hui about the suspicious activity, they said that the men were "friends."

Spitzer Prostitution Ring Has Middle Village Roots


Anonymous said...

Wow, to think it all started in a hideous piece of Queens crap.

To bad Spitzer never came to MV for some ass, that would be the first time a politician made an appearance there since about '05.

georgetheatheist said...

1. The site is located on "Eliot" Avenue. ("Dum-de-dum-dum - dum!")

2. Shenkler are you reading this? YOU and the Queens Tribune with your whore ads are responsible for this.

3. DA Brown get your ass in gear and investigate the $$$$ that Shenkler hauls in with these ads.

Anonymous said...

A classic Queens building, classic Queens residents, classic Queens story.

Welcome to the new Queens.

Anonymous said...

Wow, in Middle Village....honestly, I am not surprised something trashy like this got its start here....

The real question is WHO CARES???

And to George....yes I am so sure spitzer started out looking through the Queens Tribune to find some ass.... it is all their fault. Because before the queens tribune started with these ads, prostitution was never an issue in NY.

Anonymous said...

"The real question is WHO CARES???"

Apparently, the feds do, or Spitzer would still have his job come Monday.

NY Zeitgeist said...

I know Crappy reviewed this part of town some time back. It is a truly crappified part of town!

Anonymous said...

Prostitution was never really an issue in Queens until the Tribune starting advertising that crap with impunity on its back pages.

Newspapers are supposed to be family-oriented and I can't fathom how they can allow our kids to be exposed to this.

Anonymous said...

hmm, why is it that there's another article that talks about the same thing, but different story by the queens chronicles...

Queens Crapper said...

I linked to that article in the post. the papers talked to different people, hence the different accounts.

Anonymous said...

so who is really telling the truth if there just accounts of what happened by different people?

Queens Crapper said...

Why would you think that only one or the other has to be true? They probably both are. The different residents gave accounts of different individuals who rented the apartment.

Anonymous said...

Newspapers are supposed to be family-oriented and I can't fathom how they can allow our kids to be exposed to this.

Newspapers are worthless mouthpieces for the machine.

Get over it.

Anonymous said...

I dunno...."5 diamond" and "7 diamond" girls
"Emperor" and all those Asian names.....
eventually tied to FLUSHING !

Maybe Donald Manes & Co.
(who also loved sex romps) bought some "favors"
from Asia run "hookers" back in the day.

Could Tommy Huang (???) and/or his associates,
have secured in a safe deposit box....
some very "juicy" videotapes
of Manes and his minions "el flagrante delicto"
to blackmail them with....
after they returned from their junkets to Taiwan?

That might explain why Flushing got screwed!

Maybe the town "fathers" handed over the keys
to "Taiwanese interests "rather than see
their naked bodies on the evening newscast!

Anonymous said...

Now let "the feds"
investigate Ackerman and Schenkler.

Gary went on that "trip"to Taiwan in the 80s.
So did a lot of other Flushing locals.
(Maybe we can name a few later on).

Those two might be tied
to Donald Manes' original whore masters!

And just what in the the hell
is Myra Baird Herce's role in past and present?
(That "prima donna" is still kicking around
and seems to be doing fine for herself as ever).

Do you think she can show "the feds"
where all the proverbial "bodies are buried" ?

I think the Asians have been buying off
a lot of our politicos
with sexual favors in exchange for
"evelopment" rights in Flushing and other places.

I'll bet cracking the Luv Guv
is just the tip of the iceberg.

If the FBI is scoping this site,
you're doing a great job but do some digging
in Flushing to complete your picture.

Gambling, smuggling and prostitution
run rampant here!