Friday, March 7, 2008

Illegal carting company keeps on truckin'

KFIR, the dumpster company being operated without license or registration at the St. Saviour's site (at last count, there were 14 dumpsters there), has now been spotted in Downtown Brooklyn. Here's one of their carts in front of 166 Montague Street. According to the Business Integrity Commission, their license expired long ago. But they've been spotted all over, parked illegally on the street.

Help get rid of this menace by e-mailing the commissioner.


Anonymous said...

Keep in mind that these are the shady characters that Councilman Dennis Gallagher makes deals with behind closed doors.

Anonymous said...

KFIR, the so-called carting company, is named after an Israeli fighter jet.

Shady characters indeed. Let's look at them all. Anyone associated with Gallagher should be investigated.

Anonymous said...

This is a matter for DOI not just the commissioner !

Anonymous said...

I am tired of Queens politicians making shady deals behind everyone's back.

They are a bunch of bullies and small time crooks.

We should start to stand up to these two bit thugs. Like everyone of that ilk, when confronted they will back down.

Ronald said...

The political hacks still carry a sense of entitlement. They think because they've been blessed by the clubhouse that they can do whatever the hell they please and the people will turn the other way. Gallagher is a prime example.

Overdevelopment is going to change this. People can see their neigborhoods being destroyed before their eyes, which wasn't happening 20 years ago. The lights are coming on and people are realizing the clubhouse parasites are responsible. They will pay the price when people get angey and they're all eventually toseed to the curb. There will soon come a day when no amount of developer money is going to save them from the angry voters, I just hope it comes in time to save what's left of Queens.

Anonymous said...

Bloomberg looks the other way when the "chosen" people are involved.

Anonymous said...

I spotted a Dept. of Business Integrity vehicle
in Chinatown on Saturday morning
and reported KIFR (Globe?) etc. to the inspectors.

We're watching you,
from all over the city you goniffs!

That's what's great about web sites linking up
and cooperating with each other.

We're going to make your life miserable,
just like you're making ours!

You'll end up being caught like a fly in a web,
so to speak!

Anonymous said...

Do they have their own gang or are they tied
to one of New York's existing crime families?