Friday, March 7, 2008

Awaiting the arrival of her royal highness

The Department of City Planning has not certified rezoning applications for several Queens neighborhoods because City Planning Commissioner Amanda Jay Mortimer Burden has not personally toured those areas, according to QC's city planning source. The socialite apparently is such a micromanager that she does not trust her borough staffs to make the right decisions on rezonings. Meanwhile, the subjects of Queens continue to suffer from overdevelopment and are growing restless. They may soon show up at the castle gates, though. There is lively chatter amongst the unwashed masses of Dutch Kills, Maspeth, Middle Village and Auburndale of a major protest in the near future. Amanda, get off your throne and out to the royal borough of Queens.


ken said...

guess she definitely won't be embarking on any tours, today. The wet weather might cause her to have a bad hair day!

Anonymous said...

Lets bring our burden directly to her doorstep.

If Amanda wont come to the mountain
then it's time to bring our mountain
of complaints to her front door!

How about reps from all ignored nabes
holding a demo,
complete with mounted photos depicting
egregious conditions....
march up and down the street with a cadre of press
at our heels ?

Get her address and let's organize....time's a wasting!

Point the finger of outrage (or give her the finger) !

Anonymous said...

please inform everyone of when and where to show up for the protest - I guarantee there will be a HUGE turnout

Anonymous said...

Looks like the city's answer to our own very HRS Terri Osbone, who likes to raise and lower her subjects based on not merit, but connections!

Anonymous said...

Harlem historian Michael Henry Adams just sent over an advisory to let us know he’s bringing the fight over the proposed 125th Street rezoning to the mayor’s doorstep at his East 79th Street townhouse, with plans to protest the proposal at 8 tonight.

Not too far away, and also a target of the protest, Mr. Adams pointed out, is the home of the Planning Department’s director, Amanda Burden, who has spearheaded the rezoning.

Mr. Adams is strongly opposed to the plan, which he says would invite wide-scale gentrification and displacement, unnecessarily changing the neighborhood’s character.

“I think that it is deliberate, racist and elitist,” Mr. Adams said of the rezoning.

The city’s plan for 125th Street imagines remaking the thoroughfare, allowing for much denser buildings along the central Harlem street. The city wants to see it be a mixed-use regional center, though the local community board has been strongly opposed to allowing new residential development, saying commercial is preferable.

The City Planning Commission votes on the rezoning later this month, and it must be approved by the City Council in order to take effect.

So is there enough neighborhood opposition to stop it?

Mr. Adams, who said he was trying to bring attention to the issue, conceded that blocking the plan would be a difficult task, save a riot.

“Historically, one can look back at all the riots in Harlem from 1935 onward, and see that whatever destructiveness there was that accompanied those riots, there was a social benefit” that followed, he said, as the government took action.

Anonymous said...

How many facelifts has this woman had?

Anonymous said...

Western Queens has long been stuck with a real Weiner (Anthony). Now we've got a real Burden. No wonder the place looks like a big pile of Gallagher.

Anonymous said...

Hah! She's one facelift away from having a goatee.

Anonymous said...

Again: Where's Bloomberg?

Where's Queens CAU Jennifer Manley?

Why do all these lazy louts run for their paychecks while fleeing from responsibilities they took an oath to fulfill?

Anonymous said...

Well it's good to see that diva Michael Henry Adams
is finally doing what someone had attempted
to suggest to him at the initial CECPP meeting.

He seemed to be too busy holding court at the time
to listen to anything but the purring of his own ego.


Jennifer Manley is sleepwalking. She's a political appointee with absolutely no talent and nothing to offer. She's a symbol of the arrogance of a billionaire mayor who has no use for Queens. He has decimated CAU and turned his back on the middle class.

Anonymous said...

Amanda Burden will never come to Queens (except to take her private jet at LGA) hold the curtains drawn on the limo please while I pass through on the GCP.

Her friends are making fortunes destroying Queens - she's giving them some time to do more - Bloomie likes this type good for his blind trust too.

Anonymous said...

You think that this bitch is on the "down low"....
Joe Rose was even worse!

Anonymous said...

Amanda wants to gentrify Harlem
so that her classy socialite white folk friends
can move in and take it over.

Need any house servants Ms. Burden?

If that bitch smiles any harder her face will crack.
Then we'll see the "Crypt Keeper" emerge!