Friday, January 25, 2008

Tommy and Scott's Fresh Meadows Fiasco

And here we have the reason St. Saviour's will be torn down (besides the overall corruption in Queens politics and at the Landmarks Preservation Commission). As per a contractor who worked here, this condo project, being built by our "Maspeth Development" friends, has become a major money pit and that is why they abandoned their plan to build housing at St. Saviour's. Not because of community outrage, not problems at city planning - but because after 2 years of building at this site, they ran out of money for that one.
The project is known as the Garden Hills Condominium. This is the most interesting collection of violations we've ever seen, and apparently by an LLC that is listed as the owner but does not appear on the deed! An LLC with an address listed as 78-50 65th Street in Glendale, which is a one-family home with a slew of its own violations and a stop work order.

Hey Fresh Meadows: 42 units of crap, with community facilities, of course, coming soon to your 'hood! Oh, and how about a peek at that mysterious (and now nixed) St. Saviour's plan?
Looks like 81 units of crap and a sliver of green space surrounding the church were proposed. Notice the sideways-configured houses which are located where there should be access to the church building. Actually, we can PROVE that city planning "dragging its feet" was not the reason for the withdrawal of the application. On their very own website created in 2007, it says "this unique residential property is expected to obtain a residential rezoning approval in early 2008". In other words, developer and councilman speak with forked tongues.


verdi said...

Both the "developer" and the "councilman"
will surely burn in a hell of their own creation !

That's where such a pair of forked tongued devils
traditionally belong.....isn't it ? !!!

ken said...

...and when the demonic developer and his entourage arrive in hell the first thing they'll probably do is to start seizing up cavernous terrain in the underworld to build on!

Julie said...

Thank you, Crappy, for confirming what the Daily News reported last month about the owner pulling the plug because he can't make a go of it financially. I felt bad that Pinky was telling him to place the blame on city planning.

Anonymous said...

Daniel Weintraub, Plumber extraordinare is listed on these properties. He is also listed on Tommy "nororious" Huang's projects. Mysteriously, Tommy's plumbers are always Asian and their truck does not show any affiliation to Weintraub. Could it be that he is a shill. Just signing off on all this crap. If so, he needs to be investigated.

Anonymous said...

Tommy who?

verdi said...

but they'll have to go through a helluva
remediation process
of digging out all that fire and brimstone
which will make the effort of building
less cost effective!