Thursday, January 31, 2008

The great Queens mosaic on Jamaica Avenue

These two photos are from the corner of 165th Street and Jamaica Avenue, where a gang of "Black Israelites" preach hate and heckle against white and Jewish pedestrians. As a white shopper, this gang makes my shopping experience feel uncomfortable. Queens is the home of John Bowne, the father of religious tolerance, so it's sad to see bigotry on display in such a public fashion.
Here are four reasons why the Black Israelites are a fraud:
1. There's a good chance their right to free speech is defended by a liberal white Jewish lawyer.
2. One of them is wearing an earring. Judaism strictly forbids piercings for men.
3. They're reading the King James version, which was written by a white English king.
4. They believe in Jesus.

Would we allow the Klan to hold hate rallies on our streets? Why are black supremacists given a pass to preach hate?


Answer: Because they are a tweeded group who is taught that screaming about being a victimized race is the easiest way to get their way in this city. And everyone else is afraid of them.

The first amendment says that we must allow the Klan to hold a hate rally on our streets, just as black supremacists may.


Anonymous said...

Besides earings,
these Transexual Israelites
are also wearing dresses!

Taxpayer said...

Is it possible that their presence and activities are sponsored by blockbusting real estate interests?

Anonymous said...

Is the Rev Al supporting them ?

Anonymous said...

all this phony make believe religious garbage will be the downfall of this planet. it's already happening. why can't people believe in what they want and leave the rest of us alone?

Anonymous said...

Remember these guys at Times Square in the 70s?

Now they moved to Queens, the laboratory for every clubhouse interest group.

Who cares what they say, look like or do. As long as they support the machine nothing, nothing, nothing else matters.

Anonymous said...

When you put together that parody of a certainl local newspaper, and make that collage for the 'Queens Spittoon', with the title 'We are the world's garbage,' these guys can go up along with the bloody Muslems, and mobile bike sound systems.

Any other suggestions?

John Prester said...

These kooks are indeed composed mainly of those from the "left half of the IQ bell curve", and are best ignored rather than taking their bait and "debating" them.

On the other hand, if I were a member of a white nationalist/supremacist organization, I would be overjoyed by their presence. They would serve several purposes:

1.) Make ALL black people look like idiots by association. To a large degree, this is accomplished. When's the last time a prominent black politician or anyone black spoke up against them? As you said, if the KKK or Nazis stood outside the Port Authority, the response from white politicians wishing to display their "moral superiority" for all to see would be immediate. There would be a mob scene of white politicians - Bloomberg, Anthony Wiener, Schumer, Christine Quinn, Hillary Clinton, etc. etc. showing up to denounce the KKK/Nazis. This is an "affirmative action" policy for hate - we don't tolerate the KKK/Nazis, we hold white people to a higher standard. But for blacks, "well, it's understandable that they feel this way, after all, what about slavery, hurricane Katrina, subprime lending, Rodney King, Milli Vanilli, etc. etc."
2.) Antagonize white people in general, hopefully leading to race riots, and eventual racial separation. That's the ultimate aim of both these "Israelites" and the white separatists, and if I were in the white nationalist camp, this would be a step in that direction.
3.) Also, the hope would be for the police to crack down on them, leading many blacks to have sympathy for them, ultimately antagonizing whites, and creating more strife.

Again, these idiots are best left ignored, to the extent where they don't pose a physical threat.

CJ said...

I used to see these loons down by WTC and by and large they were ignored. This has nothing to do with religion. In fact I see it more as an attack on religion.

Anonymous said...

These guys used to focus on high tourist areas. I had the impression they were half into it for the show. Nutty black "jews" yelling at foreign tourists. Great photo op. Not many tour guides mention 165th & Jamaica Ave. They must be on the downslide.

NY Zeitgeist said...

Don't you see? Government LOVES groups like these BECAUSE they promote racial strife. If we are all fighting amongst ourselves we will be less likely to rise up against them.

westernqueensland said...

I like what JP said

Again, these idiots are best left ignored, to the extent where they don't pose a physical threat.

But I have to admit that, as a black man, the politically correct bullies like these guys that have been terrorizing me since the early 1970s, I wish I could stand up to them. But, "these idiots are best left ignored."

Anonymous said...

This is a strange group and are menacing to passerbys. I remember them on 34th. Street in the 70's. At the time they represented a kind of islam - they all seem straight out jail types, probably were and using "faith" as a cover. The community is not fooled by them, but they fear the ulterior motives of the group and what hate messages children pick up from.

Anonymous said...

They are all cowards plain and simple!

Anonymous said...

Jamaica, Queens is scarier to visit than Flushing, Queens.

Anonymous said...

I could swear that I saw these kooks outside Queensbridge projects with sound trucks several times.

They seemed to have all the time in the world to torment the poor people in the projects--some of whom are probably coming home from working double-shift jobs and trying to sleep.

They should get jobs and leave the working people in peace.

Anonymous said...

Jamaica is a Queens "mosaic" ?

Don't make me laugh.

If you're speaking of a bunch
of mismatched discordant ethnicities
thrown together like broken bits
of tiles and crockery in a
haphazard attempt to create
a harmonious real mosaic picture
of people living together in peace,
then I'd be inclined to agree with you !

I'm afraid that Jamaica
has been added to the low class roster
of Queens' "revitalized" neighborhoods!

You'd better pack your PPK
if you plan on a late evening stroll!

Anonymous said...

These guys are hate mongers, they're probably having no real jobs, living at home with mommy, and taking hand outs from the very same people they are bashing.

Anonymous said...

omg this is unbelivable im also a white shopper on jamaica ave and always plan on moving there soon i was right on 165th street on memorial day and saw these men and i didnt know what it was nd i walked right infront almost knocking one over cuz it was so crowded wow well now i know = / this makes me upset