Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Why run the train at all?

New service changes planned for the G train could give Brooklynites faster service, but may mean more legwork for Queens straphangers.

G train may give Brooklyn riders faster service, Queens riders more legwork

The Transit Authority's 2008 Service Enhancement Program trades increased frequency of G service - up to 50% on weekday evenings and 20% during afternoons - for the elimination of off-peak service to 13 stations across the borough.

The new plan means G service in Queens will end at Court Square in Long Island City, one stop shy of a key location - Queens Plaza on the E, R and V lines. That will force riders to make an extra transfer to get access to Queens Blvd. and Forest Hills.

Photo from Bridge and Tunnel Club


Anonymous said...

I have often wondered why 21st street, as Manhattans West 4 street, seem to stubbornly remain dumps while the rest of the system gets better.

Anonymous said...

How about adding a couple of extra cars to each train on the G to ease the overcrowding?

Or how about eliminating the *completely useless* V train, so the G can run 24/7 to Forest Hills/71st?

Don't let the G turn into a ghost train!

Anonymous said...

Actually, I kinda like the V train. It may be a few minutes slower each morning, but I definitely have a seat on my way out to Manhattan.

Anonymous said...

Just comes to show how indifferent the MTA is to people's needs... The G simply MUST be kept running to 71st Avenue, even if it runs there at off-peak hours.