Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Contractors accused of bribery

Construction Contractors Accused of Bribery
By Staff Reporter of the Sun

City investigators arrested four construction contractors accused of attempting to bribe building inspectors, the commissioner of the Department of Investigation, Rose Gill Hearn, announced yesterday.

Two of the contractors were accused of offering bribes in exchange for professional licenses for which they were not qualified. Two others were arrested for trying to bribe inspectors to overlook safety violations at work sites.

The arrests began in October and ended Monday, investigators said. The suspects included Frank Basile, 31, of Yonkers, Fayyaz Nawaz, 47, of Queens, Joinal Abdin, 45, of Brooklyn, and Randy Dicks, 47, of Freeport.


Taxpayer said...

Imagine: a building contractor attempting to corrupt the integrity of a DOB Buildings inspector!

Did these people actually believe that the inspectors were corruptible?

That would be like imagining that DOB Commissioner Pat Lancaster could be corrupt! Or Bloomberg!

What foolish thinking. Jail them all for such stupidity!

Anonymous said...

As was suggested at a joint DOB
civic association meeting last year.....
the only way to guarantee honesty
is to polygraph each and every
DOB building inspector at least twice a year !

The corruption in this worst of city departments
continues to run rampant and unchecked !

How about it Ms. Lancaster ?
Do you still think your department is improving ? !!!

Taxpayer said...

"How about it Ms. Lancaster ?
Do you still think your department is improving ? !!!"

As long as no one skims from her share, everything is improving.

Anonymous said...

Oh what a suprise!

bod said...

how so ignorant u people are.
I have an idea, publish ur address
let us into your house & well' see how corrupt we are.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what Bobby "the hairpece" Scarano
and Tommy "the terrible" Huang budget for bribery each year ?????? ?????? !!!!!