Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Big bucks for Douglaston homes

This Gustav Stickley-designed home in Douglas Manor is for sale for $2.595 million. Another home sold in the neighborhood for $5.3 million in November.

Douglaston home sells for $5.3 million

These homes are landmarked. Property values go up in historic districts. Unfortunately it's usually only those who are well off to begin with that get to preserve their neighborhoods.


Anonymous said...

Let the yo yos over in Astoria and Sunnyside and Jamaica Estates, and ... etc etc ... know about this.



RubyRed said...

I think If I were going to be purchasing a home for over a million dollars, I'd want it in someplace warm and sunny all the time. Like Florida... but of course thats just me

Anonymous said...

When the likes of the Mattones and Judge Golia
live in Doug Manor.....
LPC isn't likely to shit all over them
by denying them landmark status
as they did for the less connected nabes
like Richmond Hill !

Anonymous said...

I believe they even get a real estate tax break
for living in a landmarked home!

Anonymous said...

Dear Friends,

My wife and I moved to Douglaston's Prospect Ave. in 1990 We've been Queens kids all our lives. Born in Astoria, raised on Queensboro Hill,first apartment in North Flushing, first home in Bayside and now in Douglas Manor.

We both worked very hard to build our resources so that our family could enjoy a good quality of life.That's why Douglaston was our goal. It's a real community.

When we moved there, others started to renovate and build homes that would today be considered "McMansions".

Many Manor homeowners who did not want the texture of their neighborhoods' architecture changed got together immediatly
and started the process twords landmarks designation. It took many years and a lot of sweat equity by a a large number of neighbors to achieve that goal of designation.

Nothing happened overnight.

I won't bore readers with all the details because it would take pages of text.

I read Queens Crap every day. It's a great vehicle for information.

I love some of the one liners by
readers. My only annoyance is with folks who make broad brush stroke statements without knowing the facts. They are the ones who will take the same approach in Letters to the Editors as well as public meeting.

These tactics and unsupported criticisms frustrate other good people from taking on battles that can be won.

Douglaston is truely a "Magnificent
Anachronism". I hope that others will recognize our residents past efforts and use them as a stimulus
twords their attempts to FIX NYC.

damn Douglaston to hell said...

When I tried to go fishing along the shore in Douglaston on several occasions security guards always showed up and chased me away. One time somebody even cut the steering wheel attachment on my car when I parked by the dock. So though you sound like a pretty reasonable fellow I can't help hating you and your "enclosed" community and wishing it damned to hell.

Anonymous said...

Thank you ....Kevin....( is it ?).....
for your lengthy diatribe.

But if the MANOR didn't contain certain"CONNECTED " residents.....
it wouldn't have gone down
in the manner (or Manor this case)
as you've described!

Thank you for your Herculean
11 year stint at the effort!

You see....
many of us ARE INFORMED
after all !

jose said...

I'll settle for my cot in a Queens basement dormitory.....
off the books and under the radar !

Imagine the high real estate taxes
these Anglos pay on these multi million dollar homes !

Anonymous said...

They're not even hooked up to NYC's sewer system.
(It's a septic tank/cesspool community).

I wouldn't go fishing by the town's dock.....
'cause you never know where the shit will flow !

Anonymous said...

Not all the homes are historic...just the community as a whole, which just makes things a little more difficult for the homeowners when repais need to be made. But the homes built in the 60's and 70's....not historic. Also... Judge Golia...doesn't even live in the historic part of Douglaston, he lives right outside of it. I am pretty sure the same goes for the Mattones. They live right outside the historic district. I may be wrong about the Mattones, but not the Golias. And here is one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in so many of you want for other neighborhoods, and you still "shit" all over it. So what is it? Should all of queens look like the attached siding homes with no yards of middle village and mespeth to be considered a great neighborhood?
and FYI, because this is still in Queens, property taxes arent that bad. Put the same house in a different community say in Great Neck or Westchester and you can easily triple the taxes. So you can stay in your basement apartment with your cot.