Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The RFK Bridge?

It has been an enduring wish of the Kennedy family that the Triborough Bridge be renamed in honor of Robert F. Kennedy, the former New York senator who was assassinated almost 40 years ago.

Enduring Wish May Come True in RFK Bridge

According to Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Governor Carey in 1975 said he was planning to permanently attach the senator's name to the bridge until the proposal was scuttled by the man responsible for its construction, Robert Moses. Governor Pataki, the younger Mr. Kennedy said, considered the idea but never acted.

A month ago, Governor Spitzer called Mr. Kennedy and told him that he would grant the family's wish and launch an effort to rechristen the monumental complex of water crossings, a viaduct, and 14 miles of approach roads that connects Manhattan, Queens, and the Bronx. The bridge also serves as a pathway to the airport named after RFK's older brother.

It seems like Gov. Steamroller has turned his attention to symbolic nonsense that affects no one because he can't get any of his real legislation passed. It will always be the Triboro Bridge, no matter what you decide to officially rename it.

Photo from Bridge and Tunnel Club


Anonymous said...

It seems like NYC wants us to forget that there are boroughs that make up this city. Like renaming the Interboro as the Jackie Robinson. The guy took the subway to Ebbets Field...

Anonymous said...

Name it after a carpetbagger, enough of the insults to Queens already! Shouldn't this family stay away from bridges?

What's next - the Sen. Hillary Clinton for the 59th Street bridge?

Anonymous said...

The Kennedy dynasty
already has an abundance of memorials
to mark their stay on Earth.

(What was the real story behind
Marilyn Monroe's death
after that "illustrious" family
passed her around
like bread at the dinner table)?

Joseph P. Kennedy, the patriarch of this clan,
had a lobotomy performed on his own daughter....
without the prior consent from Rose....
her own mother....his own wife!

H-m-m-m....Joe Kennedy.....
once Ambassador to The Court Of St. James
was practically a Nazi sympathizer !

Perhaps naming a sewage treatment plant after him
would be much more appropriate.

As for the Triboro Bridge......
remember the grand gesture of re-naming
6th Avenue the Avenue of The Americas ?

It went nowhere.....it's still referred to as 6th Ave.

Governor Spittle is merely a spoiled brat
from a wealthy real estate family
who enjoys toying with his new title.

What's up next Guv ?

Anonymous said...

Let's re-name Richmond Hill...."Hillary Hill".....
after another team of carpet bagging political grifters!

georgetheatheist said...

If they have a ribbon-cutting, en masse, to the barricades with placards protesting this change!

BTW I'm for RE-naming JFK airport to Idlewild.

[What did Jack Kennedy ever DO to warrant the original name change?]

Anonymous said...

While we're at it, let's change Roosevelt Island back to Blackwell's Island.

georgetheatheist said...

& Anonymous 2: Don't forget "The Swimmer", Teddy, letting a young woman drown in a car while he attempted to save his political ass.

Anonymous said...

And the FDR back to the East River Drive.

Anonymous said...

My favorite was the dope who died playing football while skiing.

Anonymous said...

[What did Jack Kennedy ever DO to warrant the original name change?]

Nothing. Remember, the clubhouse doesn't give two shits about history or values, or anything like that.

The only thing is to get elected to continue to dole out honest graft.

Look everyone just got a calendar from LaGuardia Archives. For the (put a number in here) year the theme is aboout (roll of drums please) IMMIGRANTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How refreshing. How wonderful. Add in a few things about gays, and the like, and every tweeded group is there.

Now THATS history!!

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

I still call the Interboro the Interboro.

Memoralize charities if you need to put a famous name to something.

Anonymous said...

We already have an airport named after a Kennedy. Enough! The enduring Kennedy Dynasty is what every political family aspires to become.

Anonymous said...

I'm tired of the Kennedys being deified!

They're one of the biggest hoaxes
that's ever been foisted upon on the American public
in recent history!

And it's time for that bloated boozey Ted
to retire and give up his toilet seat to someone
who can fill up the bowl with more than crap!

Let's all pray we've seen the last of Hillary's
smug appearances.

It sure looks like that "entitled" privileged
(----) is getting a hosing by her 2 contenders!

Anonymous said...

RFK NO, G. Washington, H. Hudson, Gil Hodges YES

Taxpayer said...

Spitter wants to name the bridge after a family of do-nothings?

Let's call it Fresh Kill bridge!

chappaquidPINK said...

I think Gov. Shitzer feels that because we elect Irish alcoholic sexual deviants like dennis gallagher, we would appreciate the bridge being named after a kennedy. If pinky had only taken a lesson from the kennedy's and drove his victim off the cross bay bridge and let her drown, he could of had a long and prosperous career like the kennedys.

Anonymous said...

This is to the last one who commented: There are GOOD Irishmen and BAD Irishmen... Gallagher would be a BAD Irishman, for your information. Not all Irish people are alcoholic rapists. I would know because I happen to be Irish... Think about what you say next time, sonnyboy