Tuesday, January 8, 2008

We used more juice than ever last year

New York and Westchester County residents used a record amount of electricity in 2007, the utility that delivers the energy said Monday.

Record Amount of Electricity Used in NY, Westchester in 2007

Consolidated Edison of New York said it delivered 62,591 gigawatt hours last year, breaking the previous record of 61,608 gigawatt hours, set in 2005.

A gigawatt is a rate of energy production equal to 1,000 megawatts. One megawatt can power approximately 1,000 homes.

The utility, which provides electricity, gas and steam to more than 3 million customers in New York and Westchester, attributed the record use to the area's economic growth.

The demand was powered by construction of office buildings and homes and more use of electronics such as flat-screen televisions, games, computers and handheld devices, the utility said.


Anonymous said...

Not to worry......
when we start running low
we can always run to the juice box aisle
in our supermarkets
to quench our thirst for more power!

Anonymous said...

Lets hear from the three tenors, Michael, Peter, and Eric.

They do not care about their communities and continue to mislead the public on Con Ed.

They continue to add to the power grid big time knowing that in doing so, they endanger their communities.

verdi said...


1. Pour in an abundance of over development.

2. Stir in less "juice" than usually required.

3. Add a generous amount of illegal residents.

4. Mix well and serve in a BS drizzled glass.


Perfect for a sweltering summer afternoon
or a freezing winter morning.

Thanks to CB#1, C.M. Vallone Jr.
and the Dem/clubhouse for this recipe.