Tuesday, January 8, 2008

40% of parking tickets are issued in Queens

Queens road hogs take notice: They are out to get you.

Seeing orange with parking ticket blitz

The borough accounts for 40% of the 1.7 million parking tickets issued citywide last year, according to new statistics released by the NYPD.

Drivers parked in the borough were slapped with 676,868 tickets over the course of 2007.


Anonymous said...

You can never get a cop when you need one and forget about getting in touch with the department of buildings or any other city service, yet within 9 hours of the inspection on my car expiring I had a ticket.

Frank said...

This is more indicative of uneven policing and our government's mishandling of the overcrowding problems in Queens. I don't understand how the solution to a lack of parking is giving more tickets and raising the dollar amount of fines. I guess that's what happens when you elect a billionaire as mayor.

verdi said...

Funny how NYC seems to make a fortune
off of Queens......in tickets, fines and taxes etc.

But we always get zilch in return.

faster340 said...

From the looks of the cop in the right of the picture he's eating more tickets than giving!

Anonymous said...

gotta love those legions of foot-patrol parking piggies in flushing, where finding a spot in on the street or in a paid lot is impossible 7 days a week.

why would the city build a municipal lot when they could just ticket the hell out of frustrated drivers?

"Making dollars not sense, baby." -NYC

bloomberg sucks said...

another indication of Bloomberg's war on Queens.