Saturday, November 10, 2007

Willow Lake still inaccessible

An article in an August 2006 issue of the Tribune shed light on the dilapidated state of Willow Lake and the dangerous means by which residents were gaining access. It also cited the Parks Web site’s Willow Lake Trail 2001 update, which stated that a $22,000 grant was provided by the Department of Agriculture’s Urban Resources Partnership Program for the path’s restoration. According to Parks Spokeswoman Abigail Lootens that grant is no longer on hand.

Even Fixed Up, Lake May Stay Closed

Photo from Queens Tribune


Anonymous said...

Very sad the condition this park is in.

Anonymous said...

They'd better get all of those Asian
land walking fish that were dumped into the lake
out of there before I'd venture to walk
with my dog around its perimeter!

Anonymous said...

what happened to all the vandals that used to clip holes in meshed wire fences? Years ago there wasn't a fenced-in area around you couldn't get into thanks to them.

Anonymous said...

Would somebody tell me if the Wilow lake stays closed and abandoned? I am a photographer of wild areas. Thanks