Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Towers at Water's Edge

This is luxury: Towers At Water’s Edge - Luxury Apartments In Bayside

The newly established real estate entity consists of 11 properties mostly in Queens, and specializes in breathing new life into classic buildings through its superb renovations.

New definition of "classic": Brown and beige - (the "Lefrak" look).
New definition of "breathing new life into" - add an ugly fountain out front to match.


Anonymous said...

The "Towers at Sanity's Edge"
would be more like it !

Anyone who's a legend in their own mind
and craves what passes for "luxury" these days
would certainly want to live in this "upscale"
(by Bayside standards) bee hive !

Just the kind of "crib"
that a hard working drone
would love to come home to
and pay tribute to his queen !

Tacky....tacky.....tacky !

What's the asking price....pray tell ?

ken said...

the Fountain of Euthanasia.

Anonymous said...

Everything old is new again?

ken said...

...the fountain and highrises are so hideous that when one beholds them, closeup, they feel sick to their stomach and are tempted to seek out Jack Kevorkian to escape further suffering.

eamallc said...

The level of stupidity here continues to amaze me.
The complex shown here has existed since 1969. This is not a new complex. It was called Birchwood Towers. They changed the name. They have some empty units, renovated them and are reselling them. They may have done some renovations to the common areas and grounds as well. I know someone who bought an apartment there in 1982 and still lives there. She paid $90,000 for a two bedroom apartment in 1982. Alot of money at that time. It appraised last year for $570,000 and she's had many offers to buy.I can tell you that the apartments are in fact luxurious as Ive been inside them. Her apartment has two terraces with panoramic views. One in the living room and one in the bedroom. Large kitchen, 2 1/2 bathrooms and a very large floor plan. They also have indoor parking, a pool, a shopping center inside the complex, dock access to the bay, concierge, fitness center.
So, before you shoot off your big uneducated mouths, get your facts straight. Morons.

Anonymous said...

eamallc's stupidity continues to amaze. We have the right to call something ugly, which this is. And no one here said this was a new complex. It is clear that it is not. As Crappy said, its a throwback to the Lefrak era, which also has "great views"...

Anonymous said...

That fountain is definitely ugly. And the renderings usually look better than the real deal...

one of the "morons" said...

the apartment building probably hired a concierge to keep Eamallac from freeloading off the amenities in the joint when paying visits to "the friend."

Anonymous said...

is, most likely, connected to the real estate industry!
(A salesman, broker, "architect"....who knows) !

Note the "llc"....
referring to limited liability corporation....
perhaps....eh ?

Anonymous said...

Whoever he or she is.....
eamallc is aways defending ugly over development.

That's for certain and says it all....a total gas bag !

Anonymous said...

I've lived here for over ten years. It is far from luxury, however the views from the upper floors are breathtaking. The maintenance is absurdly high. I pay over $1100 for a one bedroom apartment. Parking, Pool, Tennis, Fitness Center is all extra and expensive. The staff is polite especially around the holiday season. We contribute to a gift fund. There is a lobby but you are not alowed to sit in it...only on two benches near the door man. The Board of Directors doesn't listen to the shareholders.

The four new sponsors are like carpetbaggers. Their advertisements in the newspapers give the impression that the Marina and golf course is connected to the amenities. They are not. They are gutting apartments, kicking out the renter without substantial notice. The noise is terrible (9-5) and often when the workers are shelacking, the toxic fumes permiate all the apartments on the floor. There is no corridor ventilation system. They don't tape the doors to prevent the fumes from being sucked into the hall and apartments.

The sponsors are giving us "perks." They have torn up the beautiful landscaping and put in sterile-looking trees. The sign should say "Welcome to Pinelawn Cemetery West"

They told us that they will replace the planters and get new lounge chairs for the pool. We'll see. They will recoat the basement level so you won't see the cinderblock.

At the shareholders meeting in May when a renter asked if they can buy, he was told "It will be too expensive...and it was his experience that renter don't buy. it was a very arrogant attitude.

The kitchen cabinets are cheap construction, the crown mouldings are plastic, the floors are a cheap laminate (original floors are hardwood). All kitchens are small, if not tiny. All bathrooms in all renevated apartments are exactly alike...brown tiles. The bathroom sink ...I put my finger in the hole that the faucet hadn't been placed yet, and it felt like sheet rock with a plastic coating.

We have the illusion of security with antiquated cameras from 1969.
The Bay Club condominums, a few blocks away has new small cameras on every floor, in the fitness, center and in the elevators. They also have security guards who walk the floors and must punch in to prove they covered every floor. Their maintenance is less than ours.

I suggested that the sponsors change our address. 18-15 215th Street...doesn't sound like a luxury building. Change the name to something like "One Towers By the Bay"...the middle Building would be "Two Towers By the Bay"
or "One Water's Edge by the Bay"

We share holders, just a few years ago renovated the lobby...Unfortunately the railing is corral style and the tiles in the lobby and elevators are the same as in the local diner. The sponsors want to replace the lobby's doorman desk and call him a concierge. The desk was replaced just a few years ago.

One of my favorite complaints is that the airconditioning tower on the top of the building(over $100,000)was replaced about 6 years ago. Since then, the apartments don't get cool enough. Each year during the hottest week of summer, the airconditioning is shut down due to some problem or a needed part from Wisconsin that will take a long time to get here. When the weather cools, the airconditioning is turned on.

The brokers lie to the prospective buyers saying there is a limited amount of apartments available. In two years there will be over 200 apartments on the market at the same times. The sponsors told us that our apartments will increase in value because they will be charging a lot for the newly renovated ones.
I remember supply and demand from my economics class in high school. Too many apartments for sale drives prices lower.
One more thing...The door closers to each apartment don't work. Originally they would close the heavy metal front door slowly. Now the doors slam loudly and the slamming can be heard in several apartments on the same floor as well as above and below.
Don't get me started on the "ant problem" throughout the building.


truthBtold said...

I agree with the 10 year resident above. The noise is unbearable. There are many retired, people who work from home, and elderly who are forced to endure the drilling, hammering and loud machinery noises.

Fortunately, there are very few babies or young children in these buildings. Many young couples were renters and the new sponsor has forced them to move.

I predict The Towers at Water's Edge will soon resemble a Nursing Home...especially with the stark and sterile landscaping entrance that has been forced upon the residents. No one likes it.

Very few units have been sold to outsiders. I'm glad that the public is not so stupid or blind. I'm glad that this site was started. May it serve to warn and inform the public.

Anonymous said...

does anyone know about the co-op financials for the middle building and the seville? do they have additional assessments in addition to the high maintenance?

Anonymous said...

I went for an open house. True the outside of the buildings its a bit of an eyesore. It looks like its on the verge of getting remodeled since it was bought by a new sponsor. You can't go wrong with the amenities, that's for sure. I thought the maintenance fee covered all with the exception of parking. And yes it is high, does it fluctuate? I was told if you bought from sponsor there was no board approval. Is this building mostly composed of senior citizens? It looks like they are doing all this advertising on the ny times to give it a young vibe but didn't get that impression.

Anonymous said...

ants are good protein and boy they are all over the place,, also in the seville try getting an elevator when the workman who get their own elevator plus use whichever one comes.

Anonymous said...

Management puts flyers under our doors for every nit picky thing except for the most important issues affecting the health and welfare of the residents.
On February 19, 2008 amidst the noisy construction of several apartments, Management had our doorframes painted. The fumes entered my apartment and my throat and lungs were burning. They did not tell us and did not tape or take any precautions to protect us. I had to use packing tape around my door, but it was too late... I was already sick and nauseous from the fumes in my apartment.

Anonymous said...

There seems to be much anger and hostility towards the new sponsors and management.

Some residents are like sheep and just "take it" ...the conditions, lack of respect...dangers. Others, are like angry sharks and have vandalized the building (elevator message board, lower level entrance doors (smashed and replaced twice in a matter of months). Using the common message
board in the laundry room must be APPROVED by the Bd of Directors or Management.

Among the many inconveniences, the hot water is shut off an average of 8 days a year. In December 2006 the gas was shut off due to a gas leak. Some residents were not able to use their stoves for up to 6 weeks!
However...it's not too bad. The Manager and Bd. of Directors always thank us for our cooperation at the end of the notices. I'm tired or "cooperating" and I don't want to be thanked anymore.

As for me, I write about the facts and my disapproval...and say "Buyer Beware"

Anonymous said...

Wow! Who would think that so many residents are angry and upset and the management and board of directors, as well as the sponsers are turning a deaf ear? What is wrong with them?

I suggest a 'Town Hall Meeting' of all parties including the shareholders. ASK the shareholders what they would like, what is being done or what should be done to make living during the reconstruction safer and less inconvenient.

I considered buying an apartment in Towers at Water's Edge or Towers by the Bay or Birchwood ...so many names.. It's located in a beautiful neighborhood. Ever since I was a young girl with my family driving on the Cross Island Parkway heading for Jones Beach, I wondered what it would be like to live there. I think the building are beautiful......at least from a distance.

My husband and I don't want to live in a construction site paying 3/4 of a million dollars, in addition to high common charges in a cooperative where the elected board of directors ignore their obligations and the sponsors steamroll over the shareholders.

We will look into the high rises in Astoria.

Anonymous said...

The following is the notice sent to "All Residents
Re: Ongoing Construction
February 22, 2008

As you can see, work has started on the upgrade of the G2 level and in the Pompeii Room. We are sorry for any incontinence this may cause, however, it will all be worth it when the job is completed.

Thank you for your patience."

Anonymous said...

Why don't they paint that ugly rusted fountain????

Anonymous said...

maybe they should put in a new one

Anonymous said...

Ha, Ha, Ha, I almost peed in my pants when I read how sorry they were for the incontinence. It made me think about what others said about the population of the Towers at Water's Edge is mostly seniors. Personally, I think that the incontinence is a load of crap. But at least the management knows it will all be worth it in the end.

Anonymous said...

I'm curious how the construction is responsible for incontinence.

Are they putting something in the water?

Are they handing out Ex-lax?

Are they dealing with liquid or solid incontinence?

Does someone have an adult diaper concession?

Will the residents take an incontinence survey?

Is the survey required for board approval?

Maybe it was a spelling error? Incontinence, incompetence, inconvenience? Probably incompetence judging by the above testimonies.

I have another question...Seriously.....You would think that perspective buyers, the sponsors and board of directors would use a search engine, read this and try very hard to fix things. Why don't they do that?

Buyers who purchase from the sponsors do not need board approval. However, Buyers who pruchase from an owner do. Isn't that unfair?

I would think that some people may take advantage of no board approval. They'd put the smallest down payment, take the longest term mortgage at a special rate so their monthly payment would be very small. Then they might decide to leave after a year or so and abandon the apt for foreclosure since they would have very little invested.

Anonymous said...

A little history....
These three buildings, built in 1968,were originially known as Birchwood Towers. They were rentals until going coop in 1982. A sponsor had an inventory of apartments. The one's he retained tends to be least desirable, lowest floors, poorer views, etc. He was required and obligated to sell them. He didn't. I tried...and bought from an owner.

About two years ago, he sold his interests to a four man team of sponsors.

The Sponsors get special treatment and loopholes. Purchase through the sponsors does not require approval by the board (who the sponsor really controls...if the sponsor votes, the sponsor wins by the volume of his shares).

Only a handful of apts have been sold so it will be a long time before the shareholders can gain control. Most residents don't give a crap.

When I bought my coop from an owner (sponor wasn't selling) I had to show every minute financial detail to the board of directors. W-2, 1040,all bank accounts, investments, brokerages,property, all assets. The only thing they didn't want to see was the size of my D----.

Anonymous said...

Read excerpts from the following official notice from the President on December 6, 2008 (yes...it says 2008) and try to figure out whether or not there will be yet another maintenance increase.

"To ALL Shareholders:
The Borard of Directors is pleased to present a balanced budget and to advise that as a result thereof, the Board of Directors has decided not to increase maintenance charges for the year 2008.

...The Board may, mid year , have to review its decision not to increase maintenance charges"

Aside from the contradictions, There were maintenance increases just before the new sponsors took over. While trying to sell the renovated apts, the maintenance won't be increased so as to avoid "sticker shock" to perspective buyers. The maintenance charges are literally through the roof now...espcially when compared to other luxury high rise coops and condominums in Queens.

After most of the Sponsors make their killing and get out...Maintenance will skyrocket again....you can count on that as sure as death, taxes, and getting screwed by Management, the Board of Directors and The past, present and future Sponsors.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for making it clear as to the very high maintenance and continual increases. I now can understand that with increasing incontinence especially during construction, they have to hire much more labor,(specialists I imagine) to keep up with cleaning up much of the "crap".

I understand why tenants are complaining about the fumes...probably hasn't that much to do with the paint, shelack, etc....just some natural incontinence.

Maybe some people are "going green" and have a compost pile in their apts.

Residents were told to conserve energy and water. I, myself, subscribe to "If it's yellow, let it mellow. If it's brown, flush it down.

Did you know that Thomas Crapper of England invented the first flushing toilet? It was called
"the Aquarius". His name became very popular as a verb and a noun.
And because of him, indirectly, we have "Queens Crap"

Anonymous said...

I just went to get the mail. The corridors are blasting with heat from what appears be one way vents or maybe the super doesn't know how to reverse it when the halls are filled with toxic gases. Then we get hot dangerous fumes.

I saw a broker lying to an Asian family saying how here they will have so many young people to socialize with.

I've also noticed that the brokers are focusing on Asians. I learned that ads are running in Asian newspapers as well as the New York Times.

Maybe they think Asians have lots of money or don't know English? Isn't this a form of racial profiling or stereotyping?

I'm looking forward to meeting buyers who see the ad for these buildings in El Diario or Los Tiempos.

What? No ads in The Jewish Press???

Anonymous said...

I heard that 20 years ago there were many gay shareholders. At that time not only were so many gay but also very happy.

Maintenance was affordable and rarely was there an increase. There was a period of at least 10 years without an increase.

The financials for the corporation were solid. Necessary improvements, repairs and updates were made in contrast to currently where our money is spent on obvious ridiculous, capricious, window dressing of poor quality. The sponsor was pleasant and left the decisions up to the shareholders. There was an advisory board to act as liason between the shareholders and the board of directors.

So, Let's get the gays back in the building so that it is run right! Advertise in "The Advocate", The Village Voice", "Gay Scene", "HX", etc.

They'll know how to properly landscape the entrance. They wouldn't settle for sloppy seconds wallpaper (in the corridors) or the Bayside Diner's floor tiles in the elevators and lobby (Although they might keep the cowboy ranch corral railings in the lobby). I'm sure the art work on each floor would be more tasteful and the imitation ficus trees would be dusted more often.

Who was the idiot who approved the installation of mirrors in the cargo/service elevator?

I'm still trying to understand how both the Versailes and the Seville's Boards of Directors could agree and approve the removal of the flowering bushes and plants and replace it with those ugly trees. Didn't they realize that we've spent $14,000 @ year for that entrance strip?
The Towers at Water's Edge AKA Towers by the Bay needs homosexual wit and wisdom. Maybe the name will be changed to "Two Whores On the Edge" or "Towers by Gay Bay". Anything would be an improvement to the street address.

Anonymous said...

As a Shareholder of 25 years, I find the comments made by anonymous
ridiculous. This is a luxury High-Rise Coop building situated on Little Neck Bay. The apartments have spectacular views of the Bay, Manhattan Skyline and the New York Bridges. The property is well managed and constantly maintained.
The Shareholders are in their
30's, 40's, 50's, 60's, 70's. The most recent purchasers have been
30 year olds & empty nesters. Apparently, Anonymous is not very
knowledgeable about the property or, does not see too well. In addition, the doormen, workers and staff in the buildings are polite,
friendly and very helpful. The new sponsor who is selling renovated apartments is taking 40-year old
units and making them look new. The updating and renovations to the property will benefit
all of us. The Towers at Water's Edge sits on a very valuable piece of Real Estate because of its great location. Anonymous, besides not stating his name, apparently has another agenda to
be bad-mouthing such a nice place to live.

JM Michaelson said...

Perhaps if anonymous is so dissatisfied with life at "the Towers" he should give serious consideration to leaving and taking all the rest of the malcontents with him. If he cannot muster a quorum I can arrange to leave the door open on the 17 floor unit I am planning to purchase from which he can take a swan dive and put himself and the rest of the satisfied residents out of their misery.

Anonymous said...

Hey... you're absolutely right. As a school librarian I tend to focus on the usage of words. Feb 29th Anonymous is certainly a real estate agent. She uses real estate jargon.

"empty nesters"
She capitalized the words real estate which everyday people wouldn't. She's not too smart because she doesn't know the difference between common nouns and proper nouns.

She also writes about "valuable piece of Real Estate because of its great location" That's what a broker or agent would say...remember the real estate (notice how I didn't incorrectly capitalize those words) motto "Location, location, location."

She doesn't address any of the issues presented by the previous bloggers.

Does she like the noise and the fumes.

By the way, numerous complaints have been filed with the City of New York. They are sending an air quality inspector who will arrive midweek and midday...not on weekends or after 5 when realtors show the "peaceful side of Towers at Water's Edge". Some of us know exactly when the inspector will arrive. We're not telling you. Afterwards we...probably I will post the results on this site. Positve or Negative...I will tell the truth and give information how to find out for yourself.

Visit your local library...Bay Terrace...Bell Blvd and 26th Ave.
Take a child to the library and give him the gift of reading which lasts a lifetime and keeps librarians such as myself employed.


Anonymous said...






Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Used car salesmen, insurance salesmen, lawyers and real estate agents are the bottom feeders of society. They will sell their own mothers if there's a sale or profit in it.

Anyone who is not in those above named careers disagree?

Don't believe what they say. THEY LIE LIKE A RUG.

I just got f---ked (notice, I'm being a lady and not using vulgarities)by a real estate agent who said he didn't know that the property I told him I wanted to buy was under contract. No one was interested in the property for several months...it was in foreclosure. Within less than 24 hours it was in contract. I told him yesterday I was buying it today for cash and putting in an offer. At 2AM today he emailed me that the property was no longer available.

Anonymous said...

There are about a dozen active resident bloggers posting on this site. We represent the shareholders' voice better than the elected board members...who still don't listen or have common sense. Surely those agents have told them about this site or they have found it themselves...and yet they do nothing? Why? because they know they will be elected again in May. No one else has the time, or mental alertness or whatever to out them.

As far as the elections...Look how many fools voted for Nixon, Bush, Spitzer, Rudy and Bloomberg. Hillary will be the next big mistake. The woman stood by her man when he was caught with Jennifer Flowers and then Monica. She didn't even know what was going on in the next room in her house. Do you expect her to know what's going on in the 50 states? Didn't she once wake up in the middle of the night and say "Bill? Bill? Where are you Bill?"

Let's not forget how Bloomberg repaid the 9/11 heroes. He cut the new police officers,salary in half to start and didn't give them or the firefighter or teachers a contract or raise for almost 3 years.

These are the kind of people that get elected and these are the ways that "No good deed goes unpunished."

Anonymous said...

Update on Notices from Manager:
"On Monday, March 3,2008, all heat will be shut off in the building from 9:00am to 7:00pm...

We apologize for any inconvenience, however we are making necessary changes that will help facilitate individual apartment repairs in the future.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation."

What the F__K does that mean? The heat is shut off to facilitate individual apartment repairs in the future. We have central heating...same mechanism blowers for A/C. No repairs are done...they just change the cheap filter once a year. They're not replacing our heating units...just the ones in the sponsors' renovated ones. Ohhhhh, now I get it...they're shutting off the heat in the entire building so they can install new heating units in a few apts.