Monday, November 12, 2007

Temperatures in Alaska affecting NYC

Shishmaref has been under the watch of environmentalists for over a decade, one of three island villages the Anchorage Daily News recently called a "canary in the mine of global warming." In a worst-case scenario of global environmental change, Shishmaref shows what could happen to any populated island such as Manhattan if changing seas continue to eat away our shorelines.

Global warming may spell doom for New York of the future

If Shishmaref vanishes in 2015, other islands near the Arctic Circle may be quick to follow. Kostigen is quick to remind his doubters that every foot of sea level rise in an ice-melt-filled ocean means 100 feet of shoreline erosion, enough to obliterate lower Manhattan.

Photo from Daily News


Anonymous said...

An example of responsible reporting:

Now I want Vicky to tell me why I should pay for MIA Hillary who spent the last year campaigning - on my taxpayer tab.

Words are a Weapon. said...

Is anyone keeping a tally of how many trees various government agencies and developers have destroyed as of late? LIRR, St. Saviours, The Reservoir... all these trees help clean the air and reduce the greenhouse effect, no?

Just where are those million trees Bloomturd has been talking about?

Maybe when lower Manhattan is under water they'll get to work and stop talking out of their rears.

ken said...

wouldn't be surprised if more than a thousand full grown trees are felled each year, between city agencies and developers.