Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Spitzer says 'adios' to bad plan

A humbled Gov. Eliot Spitzer -- facing an insurrection from New York Democrats -- is ditching his controversial plan to grant driver's licenses to illegal immigrants that provoked a massive national backlash.

Spitzer will drop license plan for illegal immigrants

Spitzer will announce he's "scrapping the plan" after a meeting of the state's congressional delegation on Capitol Hill this morning, according to his spokeswoman, Christine Anderson.

The license proposal had proven to be a political albatross for Democratic supporters, especially Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, who was grilled on the issue during a debate in Philadelphia late last month.

Democrats and New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg had pressured the governor to drop the proposal, which garnered the support of only one-third of New Yorkers, according to polls.

Notice ol' Steamrollin' Eliot isn't doing this because the people he represents thought it was a stupid idea, but because it was making his cronies look bad.


Anonymous said...

Hillary probably slapped Spitzer
on the back of his head.

"Elliot.....old boy......
you're going to screw up the Democratic party's
opportunity of putting me (and Bill)
in the White House.
That means the Republicans are back in.
You've been a bad boy"!

What is it with the Democrats ?
They keep on shooting themselves in the foot.....
(not that the Republicans are any better) !

Taxpayer said...

The only thing left of this fiasco is the entertainment value of watching Spitzer and the Clintons take turns throwing each other off the bridge.

Spitzer can now return to lying to investigators and attempting to destroy Bruno.

Clinton can return to her agricultural occupation of planting questions and lies.

They both can use the services of the indicted rapist (10 counts) of a grandma. Lying, cheating, bashing and raping are their expertise.

Taxpayer said...

And, then watch the cringing Republicans all act like Elmer Fudd. "We better be careful, now, or those baaaad Democwats will stare at us and call us names!"

EeeeeeeeeeK! See? A Democwat just looked at me and laughed! Now I want to run and cwy like a scared widdle wabbit!

Anonymous said...

Hey - we are approaching Spitzer's 1st year in office - all the big changes he put through for the good people of NY - quite an accomplishment right?

Anonymous said...

Hillary, who is Hillary? Has anyone see her doing ANYTHING for NY after she got reelected.

She fell off the screen the day after she got reelected.

Thanks clubhouse.

Anonymous said...

Serph Maltese and Dennis Gallagher, anyone?

It's the people. Not the party.

Senor Spitzer said...

I found this CNN transcript when I traveled in a time machine to the future:

Senor Spitzer: Don't worry my undocumented guest worker amigos, I will find a way to give you your rightful driver's licenses, along with your medicare, medicaid, social security, free medical care, food stamps, and any other benefits that I can come up with by taxing those racist honkies! If they don't like it, "LET THEM EAT CAKE!!!"

Undocumented guest workers: Si, si!!! Viva Senor Spitzer!! Viva!!

Senor Spitzer: Oh, I forgot. I will even provide you your benefits at offices in your own language!

Undocumented guest workers: VIVA SPITZER!!! VIVA!!!

Senor Spitzer: Muchos gracias!

Senor Spitzer then mumbles to his chauffeur: "Driver, get me the hell outta here - take me to the Hamptons immediately!"

ken said...

he seems to be taking it on the chin, judging by the photo.

georgetheatheist said...

Spitzer's 5 o'clock shadow is worse looking than Nixon's ever wuz. Hey Elliot, why doncha grow a beard?

Seth said...

Spitzer is a real piece of work, anyway.

All the witch hunting he did as AG to further his career, like the so-called "late trading" fiasco, where he went after mutual fund traders like Theodore Sihpol for "trading after hours".

It was great to see the jury throw out all the counts (somewhere between 25 and 30) Spitzer stacked against Sihpol.

It is even sweeter to see him eating crow over this latest idiocy.

Go, Spitz!

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's time Gov. Spitzer started working for the legal citizens he is supposed to represent. After all, we pay taxes, social security,and every rate and tax hike. Illegals get free medical, free food stamps, free everything. It's time to pander to the people who voted for you (yes only people here legally can do that). Make it harder for the illegal people to be here and they will go home. We are tired of supporting them and tired of them taking our jobs and student seats in our schools. Americans take care of everyone, but no one takes care of them - Not even their elected officials. I'm sure we could never get these services in Mexico, or any other foreign country. Just for the record, a Driver's License is a right -- not a privledge.

Anonymous said...

Glad he came to his senses.

Anonymous said...

Better to start a campaign to say Adios to Spitzer and fellow POLs.

Watch out - Wait till he goes after these postings EEEEEEEEEEIIIIIIIIIOOOOOOO!

Senor Spitzer said...

The best advice for Senor Spitzer at this point is:

"Remember Gray Davis!"

Joe said...

Need to get Ted Kennedy can take Hillary and Elliot for a midnight drive after "a couple"

Spitzer is turning out to be a real idiot, even his own people want to hang him.

Anonymous said...

Spitzer's family came up from real that true ?

faster340 said...

Screw Spitzer! I HATE THIS MAN TOTALLY! He still hasn't answered me as to where my wife will recoup the $40,000 plus dollars from her retirement/401k fund from her company Guy Carpenter & Co. which is a subsidiary of Marsh & Mclennan which Spitzer went after and made his bones on a few years ago!!! He goes after the BIG FISH but totally forgets about the people below!


Sorry if this is off topic...

Russell Martilla

georgetheatheist said...

Russell, don't forget Bloomturd's appointing Joel Klein to be the NYC Schools honcho. Klein was Clinton's #2 man in his Justice Department's "Anti-Trust" Division. Klein went after Microsoft thereby causing the stock market to tank in 2000.

What's with these mediocrities: Spitzer, Bloomie and Klein?