Saturday, November 3, 2007

Politically stumping

Reawakening rumors he will run for President, Mayor Bloomberg yesterday pitched a bold national plan to charge companies a pollution tax based on the amount of environment-killing greenhouse gases they produce.

"If you want less of something, every economist will tell you the same thing: Make it more expensive," the billionaire businessman told some 100 mayors at a climate summit.

Raise the fines for buildings violations to thousands of dollars instead of just giving a slap on the wrist, then actually make the violators pay up. You'll witness the same phenomenon.

Mayor Bloomberg airs idea of greenhouse-gas tax

The revenue generated from the tax could be used to cut taxes or invest in environmental technology, he said.

The revenue generated from the collection could be used to pay for infrastructure improvements that we desperately need.

Taking a swipe at President Bush, who has suggested voluntary targets on greenhouse gas emissions, Bloomberg said that would be "like voluntary speed limits - doomed to fail."

Taking a swipe at Mayor Bloomberg, who has suggested that self-certification is a fantastic thing that should be continued, Crappy said that is "like voluntary speed limits - doomed to fail."

Bloomberg hates polluters and loves builders. Unfortunately, many times, they are one and the same.


Taxpayer said...

"If you want less of something, every economist will tell you the same thing: Make it more expensive," the billionaire businessman told some 100 mayors at a climate summit.

And, so, he wants property owners to pay for the tree and it's planting and maintenance throughout the city.

That's how this blithering idiot will "plant" a million trees to reduce pollution.

That's the Commissar's way of "greening" NYC: take the "green" from property owners!

Seth said...

Of course, this is another example of the fact that Bloomberg only labelled himself a Republican to run for mayor, the Democrat slot having been taken.

Man-made global warming is purely a political issue and the media being biased to the left, you never read any of the science-based rebuttals on the subject.

For example, in all historically recorded cases of global temperature increases, CO2 increases have followed by 30 to 40 years, indicating that rather than CO2 increases causing global warming, global warming causes CO2 increases. This pretty much puts the cart before the horse.

That said, Bloomberg never met a tax increase nor a fine that he didn't like.

Michael said...

He is not running for President. But if Hillary gets elected he will run for her Senate seat which is what all this national press he is stirring up is about.
If Hillary does not get elected he will run against Spitzer in 2010 thus his remaining as a Independent rather than switching back to Democrat which he obviously is.

parnell said...

In Finland they have a tax and fine structure that is based on ability to pay. It was in the news a few years back that one of the Nokia billionaires got a $35,000 speeding ticket. This should be the model for Bloombergs greenhouse gas tax. They he can be charged the $100 million a year in taxes that would fairly reflect the lifestyle he chooses to live. Limestone mansion off Fifth Ave., limestone mansion in London, TWO lavish estates in Westchester, ocean front estate in Bermuda, private jet to shuttle him between these homes...did I leave anything out? Maybe higher taxes will persuade him to live a more responsible lifestyle like that of Warren Buffet, who built a fortune 3 times the size of Bloombergs and still lives in a modest home in Omaha, and drives his own car.

verdi said...

Oh.....I get it now.

Cutting down all those trees
(St. Saviour's, Ridgewood, etc.)
will give his "honor"
plenty of stumps to speech-ify from!

Anonymous said...

He needs a stump to stand on
so the public can see that midget when he speaks!

Anonymous said...

Bloomberg.....A.K.A.....Pontius Pirate !