Thursday, November 8, 2007

Pinky's in the poorhouse

Indicted politician Dennis Gallagher faces monetary problems
Thursday, November 8th 2007, NY Daily News

by Nicole Bode

Queens City Councilman Dennis Gallagher was newly separated from his wife but still living with her because of financial troubles when he had "consensual" sex with the woman he's charged with raping, he told a grand jury.

"I'm not happy that my wife and I are separated. I'm not happy that I don't have enough money to move into an alternate location," said Gallagher, who earns $112,500 a year and gets an additional $5,000 as minority whip.

Since his indictment last month, Gallagher's income has been reduced because he was removed from his whip position and other posts that provide extra pay.

"If I could afford to have my own place, I probably would have my own place, but I can't afford it," the Republican politician added, according to his grand jury testimony included in court papers filed by the defense.

The 43-year-old Middle Village councilman's personal woes emerged under grilling by Queens prosecutors.

Gallagher was indicted on 10 counts of rape, assault and sex charges after he allegedly forced himself on a 52-year-old grandmother he met in a neighborhood bar July 8.

He could face up to 25 years in prison if convicted.

Hmmm...why were Pinky and his wife holding hands after the indictment if they are separated?

Wait til you see just how bad he is with money. More to come.


Anonymous said...

so when he walked about holding her hand in front of the tv cameras that was all a show which everybody knew of course but now it is official. Jurors should take note of this as evidence about how willing he is to lie and put on a front.

georgetheatheist said...

For about $1000 you can get a nice four-walled tent with a stove and an exhaust pipe. A cot with a sleeping bag and a Coleman stove, a can of B&H beans (the fiber's good for you). Pitch the kaboodle in your back yard and you have a nice cozy living arrangement.

Anonymous said...

Is that sound I heard the sound of Pinky's lawyer dumping his client?

Anonymous said...

The price to pay for lunatics!

Anonymous said...

How about moving him into St Savours?

After what his cronies did to the place, he would have a wet, cold winter.

Anonymous said...

Gallagher is living in his basement. He has been down there since 2001 when his wife threatened to leave him for another man. They stayed together for the sake of the kids. That has backfired since now there is trouble on that front.

Anonymous said...

The problem with setting up a tent arrangement in Middle Village is that you may get swept away with the tide every time we have some rain. You see Pinky was never able to get the DEP, City, State, Federal Gov't to come in and fix this decades old problem.

He looks thin in this picture. What happened to his pot belly stove? There's plenty of gas and hot air to keep him warm at night.

Baysidee said...

So let me get this straight, Councilman Dennis Gallagher makes $117,500 for a part-time job and could not afford a studio apartment?

How high are the rents in Middle Village?

Anonymous said...

He left all his money in Vegas, booze, women and gambeling

Bubba said...

"...why were Pinky and his wide holding hands...?"

Simple. He's practicing "walking down the aisle" with me at the Big House. For our night of wedded bliss! I can't wait.

Anonymous said...

This man is beyond reprehensible. A crushed roach on the bottom of your shoe has more value.

Anonymous said...

My, what a cute couple. The question is, couple of what?

Anonymous said...

Well, the financial troubles could be a good selling point for his defense team. It indicates why he had to take his lady back to his office instead of to a hotel room.

Anonymous said...

You'd expect more from a recent JPCA Man of the Year.

Anonymous said...

Pay-back's a bitch....ain't it Pinky ?
There's a rent free room....ahem.....cell waiting for you

verdi said...

Maybe Evan Stavisky can put him up.
He gave enough money to Parkside!

Anonymous said...

He could always sleep in his car......
as some neighbor reported he had done on several occasions after screaming fights with his wife
(unless it's on the finance company's repo list) .

Anonymous said...

Tell ya what Pinky.....
if you support saving St. Saviour's (raising the money)
and turning it into NYC parkland.....
maybe a plea bargain deal might be struck.

Building a "parky's" (parks dept. maintenance man)
shed on the site and you can serve a life sentance there under house arrest.

Raking leaves beats "Bubba".....whadda ya say ?

It's never too late!

Anonymous said...

maybe walter from the queens ledger will give pinky his banner thats fallin down on his building to cuddle up in and maspeth federal will allow him to sleep in the parking garage and his housing problem is done. good to see he was watchin the purse in our neighborhood and he cant survive on 100k a year what a waste and im sure he is still gettin paid by the city now to do nothin.

Anonymous said...

That photo of two phonies walking hand-in-hand is hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Shame, shame, shame, Pinky! How does it feel getting a taste of your own meds??

Taxpayer said...

He cannot handle living on $112 thousand plus expenses, plus kickbacks?

Then why the hell should he ever be responsible for my tax dollars?

Giuseppe said...

He makes no attempt to hide the fact that he's morally bankrupt, so maybe financial bankruptcy isn't far behind.

Sister Mary justice said...

We should review class... pay attention, there will be a short quiz:

First off...Dennis Gallagher meets a woman in a bar across from his house takes the woman 9 years his senior mind you, to his office, attacks her, rapes her, threatens her and then says to anyone who will listen that the sex part was consensual.

Unfortunately for Dennis Gallagher, she doesn't agree and calls the cops.

Later Gallagher tells the grand jury he's innocent that that that that he's just an adulterer but not a rapist... Yeah that's right.

Unfortunately for Dennis Gallagher, they don't agree with him so they vote to indict the Pink Predator on 10 counts of rape and assault.

We now know Gallagher also told the grand jury that he is separated from his wife but can't afford to move out since his part time salary is a mere $117,500 not counting the free trips to Disney World.

The next day we were treated to dozens of photos & videos of the smiling Gallaghers holding hands while walking to his arraignment.

A month later the financially destitute Dennisman hires the most expensive attorney this side of Pluto to defend the rape charges.

Boy Dennis says he was treated unfairly and rudely by the Assistant DA who asked him about his personal life. The grandmother-fucker (sorry class) wants the indictment thrown out.

Quiz Questions #1 class:

What type of person would you call Mr. Dennis P. Gallagher? (Once you answer the first question I will then send you the second.)

Truman Harris said...

Dear Editor:

Once again, City Council Dictator Dennis Gallagher reared his ugly head at the disgraceful meetings of the MVMCA and community board 5 this year.

Benito Gallagher continues to pass out propaganda using half-truths, exaggerations, the manipulation of facts, and bold face lies to malign community volunteers, members of the community, anyone who criticizes his corrupt ass. Gallagher’s own intern publicly admonished the distribution of the literature during the meeting.
However, just when you think Pol Pot Gallagher has gone as low as a person can go - bam! He never ceases to amaze the public by finding new ways to disgust and anger members of the community. Idi Amin Gallagher had the audacity to silence a civic volunteer who wanted to express her concern regarding the way inappropriate zoning variances were handled. To cowardly sue her and have the community board Mafioso pull the microphone in the middle of a sentence is un-American.
Kim Jong Gallagher wraps himself in the constitution and champions the concept of free speech only when it applies to him. Unfortunately, the lowly peasants who dare to speak in opposition, express concerns or have criticisms of their malevolent leader are silenced and cast out. Hey Dennis, in case you forgot this is America, not Gallagherrica.

Truman Harris

stuartdenley said...

I think Councilman Dennis is irresponsible person.

Stuart Denley