Monday, November 12, 2007

No, this isn't a joke!


Anonymous said...


The interior of that Floral Park manse
looks like the movie set of a Shri Lankan
porno film producer !

It puts the usual "garage mahals"
that are becoming common in the area to shame !

Anonymous said...

If Size Matters ..... Then look no further!

Turns me off.

Anonymous said...

Is that ReMax salesman sporting Mr. Spock's ears ?
What a jerk-off !

Anonymous said...

Well this is a good example of ethnic marketing.

Just can't wait to see his ads for Corona or Elmhurst.

Anonymous said...

Just because you can come to this 'contry' and be a success ('we only take cash' and 'taxes - we don need to pay no stinken taxes') I guess with a little luck ('hey, I need two guys to do sheetrock') you can make 'sommooney' and afford to shell out a cool million.

You still don't have taste. That is something you cannot manipulate into existence.

Of course, how you want to conduct your life is your privilege, and tweeders will insure your type will thrive here, but really, guys, don't expect your neighbors to share in your enthusiasm.

Ah, but all good things must come to an end. Someday, just someday, your neighbors will find a voice too.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that is the most tasteless thing I have ever seen. Its looks like something you might have seen in some 1970's flick..

Paul C. Barba

Miss Heather said...


Thanks Q.C., you have given me the biggest laugh I'll probably have all day.

Anonymous said...

$848K for a cape in Bayside?

$1.099 Million for that pink kitsch in Floral Park? (garaj mahal, hey I like that!)

$249K for a 2Br. co-op in Jackson Heights??

Can you say "HOUSING BUBBLE"?

Let me tell you how much each of those is worth to me!

The tasteless, pink McMansion in FP: $600,000, incl. all the pimpin' furniture and jacuzzis and s*it

Cape in Bayside: $350,000
Co-op in Jackson Hts: $65,000

For God's sake people, don't buy! Now is the worst time to buy a house!

Anonymous said...

Um, anonymous, you are clueless about housing prices. Just because you WANT housing prices to be cheap will not make it so.

65K in Jackson Heights? Get real. Even 249K is incredibly cheap for a nice apartment 15 minutes to Midtown. Gentrificiaion is picking up north of Roosevelt. You'll pay 500K for the same apartment in a few years.

If you want such low prices, why not move to Detroit or another cheap metro?

Anonymous said...

Gentrificiaion is picking up north of Roosevelt.


come on guys, there is almost no 'gentrification' in Queens. Its either the bulldozers wiping out the community (Hunters Point and soon Dutch Kills - thank you downzoners!) or its a flood of immigrants pushing up the cost of housing.

Anonymous said...

No gentrification in Queens? Those new buildings by Queensbridge aren't additions to Ravenswood.

Queens Village said...

I gotta get outta here.

Dennis said...


Porn? Did somebody say porn? I have some of that! Stop by Christ the King and ask for me.

Special discounts for community board members!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Jackson Heights....
in a building within the historic district
containing eight apartments.......
the co-op tenants were recently assessed $25,000
each unit because the brickwork needed to be pointed !

On of the "benefits" of being screwed
by overpriced historic renovation contractors ! said...

what a douchebag.