Sunday, November 11, 2007

Nice work if you can get it

Yet another busy day at the office for Councilman Dennis Gallagher.


Taxpayer said...

"That government is best which governs least." Thomas Paine

Clearly, this indicted rapist (10 counts) of a grandma is at least showing his understanding of government by holding an office he cannot function in and so stays away from.

We have to appreciate that it is a form of resignation.

Sue from Glendale said...

The community is much better off if Gallagher stays sleeping down his basement (or car) or watching his big screen TV in his living room.

This Lynda woman gets alot of vacation time.

outta there said...

Sue from Glendale said;

"This Lynda woman gets alot of vacation time."

A good deal of vacation time. To the detriment of staff morale. This has been an ongoing issue inside that office for a number of years. The abuse of the staff extended far beyond DPG and his revolting sexual advances. He is a terrible manager and hasn't a clue on what it takes to administrate. Sexually harass some of the young girls on staff, to the point of where a lawsuit would be justified, and buy their silence with job positions and other unethical perks. If your not one of the offended parties, just a knowing observer,grant them extended,and at times,unaccounted paid leave. It's sickening.

Anonymous said...

Back in 2002 The Lovely Miss Lynda was handling a constituent issue for me regarding a cracked sidewalk. The issue never got resolved because every time I went to the office she was on vacation! She was on vacation for the entire summer and the city ended up repaving my sidewalk and billing me 12,000 dollars even though they had the wrong address!! I think someone should make a freedom of information request to see if this political hack got paid for that summer!! Pinky, I want my 12 grand back(oh wait your broke) and tell lynda she has been telling people she's 39 since about 1999, and we all know with those wrinkly tities she's well over 50!!!

Cin said...

Over 50? Dennis must be eyeing her.

M. Homes said...

There should be an investigation into that repair shop on Grand Avenue for hiring a child molester.