Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Getting a clue on Kissena

We're liking this reporter's attitude:

You would think that someone who is paid to put up buildings would have a clue.

Stop work order on Wendy’s site

What was found was a small hole in the fence, through which several pictures were taken of workers floating a concrete slab at the bottom of a steep-sided, deep excavation with no visible “shoring” to hold back the earth.

Construction safety experts acknowledge that excavation collapses are one of the leading causes of death or severe injury to construction workers. In New York City, any excavation more than four feet deep must either be at a 45 degree angle or “shored up.”

Interestingly, we couldn't find a stop work order listed for either address mentioned in the article:

73-02 Parsons Boulevard

73-15 Kissena Boulevard

But DOB says it's there.

A supervisor for the DOB noted that given the nature of the violations at the Kissena Boulevard site, it would be “quite a while” before construction resumed.

However, one bit of work had been done. They fixed the hole in the fence.

Photo from Queens Courier


eamallc said...

Does anyone know what is going to be built on this site? It was the site of Copper Penny Diner and then Wendy's since 1980. I pray to god it wont be housing.

Anonymous said...

Not to worry.....
the workers at the bottom of that excavation
are probably illegal Mexicans (who currently do most of the dangerous construction grunt jobs) .

If one or two of them gets killed in a collapse....
it will be considered acceptable collateral damage.

And the powers that be will disavow any knowledge
of their existence !

Anonymous said...

When you see excavation without shoring being done. Call OSHA. You may have to spend sometime trying to convince them that the site is dangerous. They will come.

Anonymous said...

Immigrant construction workers - the cannon fodder for the Empire City.

Anonymous said...

Walgreen's is coming.