Saturday, September 8, 2007

Urban planning at its finest, part 5

Let's take a stroll through Corona:


Anonymous said...

Its an immigrant community.

They will say nothing about this except clammor for more 'affordable housing' to spred this blight into other formerly solid neighborhoods that are tottering at the edge like Astoria.

Meanwhile, Corona remains noisy, dirty, grafitti covered, and unsafe.

Anonymous said...

Those streets are already small and crowded.

Recall this was another study area of that perfidious Hunter College and that infamous Mickeljohn.

Anonymous said...

Thought this looked like Dutch Kills.

Anonymous said...

yea, and thats what the machine wants to do to Sunnyside, too. Holding discussions without our Great Father, a pol, present.

The nerve.

Can you imagine, the locals are fighting the tweeded for their community?

The ungrateful bastards.

Anonymous said...

Cerveza "Corona" .
Maybe it'll help me wash away this "view" of Corona !

Anonymous said...

Let's create an LPC historic district here folks.

Corona is known to be one of the finest examples
of an unplanned urban immigrant dormitory neighborhood in the whole of New York City .

Do you think that we can get support for this from

Anonymous said...

"Do you think that we can get support for this from
QHS, QPL, MAS and HDC ? "

Well, thanks to several decades of the machine spin, it has to be 'ethnic' to be 'authentic' Queens or no one will pay attention to you.

The first thing to do is get City Lore to write up something about the community, then shift gears to the Muni Art Society.

Get a few politicians to drone on about Corona looking like the future of this county, and hell, even the mysterious Hillary, NY most famous MIA since Viet Nam may show up.

Anonymous said...

Northern Queens has the highest percentage of bedbugs in the city

Anonymous said...

Actually it's Astoria/LIC that, I believe,
has the highest percentage of bedbugs......
but Corona probably comes in second .

mazeartist said...

It should be noted that among the Fedders Specials of Corona, the century-old Tifereth Israel Synagogue on 54th Avenue and Corona Avenue has receive a designation on the national Register of Historic Places and a $700,000 grant from BP Helen Marshall.

Anonymous said...

That synagogue should should be landmarked
by the LPC, if it hasn't yet.

It's one of the oldest around .

Anonymous said...

As Charlie Brown used to say, "I can't stand it. I just can't stand it."