Friday, September 7, 2007

Urban planning at its finest, part 4

Avery Avenue and vicinity:


Anonymous said...

That last image looks like the senior warehouse the Presbyterian Church in Astoria want to build to insure that their church has money to pay salaries of higher ups - a 9 or 12 block busting monster towering over 3 story buildings.

Millions of dollars of HUD going into it, we understand.

Wonderful how public taxpayer money can find its way in a private chruch project.

When mentioned on a certain local blog, the denizens wondered what the issue was - how can someone be against senior citizens?

Typical Astoria.

westernqueensland said...

I am just shot through with revulsion about the horrible, awful, terrible excretions that pass as erections to the uncaring architects.

Anonymous said...

Avery Avenue.....huh......

more "Chinese Castles" going up
on the back streets of Flushing......
or hotel/whore ? !!!

Anonymous said...

What, is public money from HUD going into a private church?!?!

Is this true?

Can someone from Curbed or the media look into this?!?!?

Anonymous said...

Manes and his boys
always managed to manipulate HUD money .